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Norwegian Women: Everything you Need to Know to Impress Scandinavian Ladies


Norwegian brides may seem cold and reserved at first, but that’s only part of their charm. Norwegian women have very diverse appearances and careers, but what unites them is the desire to make their husband the happiest man on Earth.

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The Vikings are the trump card of Norway. The lives of their wives developed a long time ago. Today, Norwegian women are almost the same as at that time. For three hundred years, Europe was afraid of the Vikings because of robberies and ruins they’ve made. However, we have got romantic legends about the blue-eyed Vikings that fall in love with beautiful norway girls. Who are now these mysterious girlfriends of the Vikings?


Norwegian Women

Why are Norwegian Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Norwegian brides are the real hostesses. The woman in the Norwegian family is an authoritative person. Even 1000 years ago, her rights were protected. She could apply for a divorce if her husband dressed up untidy. The point is that the clothes had to defend her couple not only from the cold but also from dark forces.

All the belts, straps, and clasps were amulets. If the Vikings did not wear them, they did not respect their women. Since then and until now, the men in the family are more agreeable than women. They still do all the men’s work, keep their weapons, and protect their partners. 

In Norway, there are more feminists than in any country in the world. Women have got the right to vote as soon as the country has become independent. They are taken care of by the Norwegian government a lot. Norwegian woman does not worry whether she will raise a child alone or with her husband. She does not hurry to have children until she is thirty. In Norway, both men and women have already achieved a lot in life by the time they are thirty. So they can spend a lot of time with their children. Men, even more often than women, go on maternity leave.

Despite the feminist spirit in the country, men and women are not enemies – they are equal allies. The structure of Norway gives freedom to both sexes. Everything is very democratic and tolerant there. But still, there is a particular conditional division between women’s and men’s professions that exists and is accepted by everyone. 


Norwegian Women

Wedding traditions in Norway, for example, are based on the social life of the local people. To get married, the bride should say “yes” loudly and with witnesses to the groom. Private arrangements are not taken into account. 

Back in the old days, all the guests arrived at the bride’s ransom spot in narrow boats decorated with stripes and flowers. Today’s Norwegians are happy to continue this ancient tradition, completing their boat ride with a photo shoot. 

In ancient times, the bride’s hair was decorated with a massive gold crown. Now it’s become a weightless and elegant accessory. But the porridge cooked by the bride on her wedding day still takes place on the wedding table.

Childbirth has always been very strict in the North of Europe. There are few kids in the family, even now, when the child’s mortality rate is low.

 In Viking times, babies born with injuries were taken to the woods overnight. If a child was still alive the next morning, they’d be taken back. But this rarely happened, as even in those days, even in July, the average temperature was no more than 10 degrees above zero.

No other country has ever seen a woman so magically tempted. Norwegian women treat all kinds of diseases with their hands and homemade medicines. They also predicted the future, protected the family from evil forces, and even controlled the weather.

What are Norwegian Brides Like? 

There are different kinds of women living in Norway. But they all have one thing in common: the unfathomable charm of the North, which by now has been almost lost by neighboring Finns and Swedes.

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Norwegian women have natural beauty. Most of them have smooth, delicate skin, healthy blush, white teeth, and natural blonde hair. Young people from Latin America, where blonde skin and hair are worth their weight in gold, say that for them, Norway is a store of Barbie dolls.

Like many other Europeans, the female of this Scandinavian country doesn’t keep their appearances a lot. They dress up several times in their lifetime – at a wedding and a Christmas party. They wear only comfortable clothes in everyday life. The older a woman is, the more she looks after herself. She cares about her hair, manicures, and buys beautiful clothes. When the Norwegian woman is young, the main thing is to be happy. So if fast food makes a Norwegian excited, extra weight is not a problem.

The main feature of the Norwegian woman is her habits. She may be skinny, short, and dark-haired, but she will never be smooth in her movements. Norwegian girl is always restrained, calm, and confident. She exudes strength, reliability, and has no weaknesses. But there is one, though. Norwegians love the sun very much and therefore smile more often in the weather days than all the southern women together. Even on a long polar night, they laugh, because the sunny day should definitely come. This smile is the standard of beauty in this Nordic Kingdom.


Norwegian Women

Where can you meet single Norwegian ladies?

Norwegian ladies adore traveling. There is a high chance to meet a girl from Norway somewhere in Europe on her vacation. 

Even though Norwegian women would rather build their careers and get serious relationships in the homeland, some of them may temporarily live in other countries of the world. If a Norwegian lady gets a job promotion, she can consider living in Germany, France, or any other country for a while. So there is a chance to meet such a girl in your office.

In case you are a big fan of traveling, you can plan your next trip to Oslo, Bergen, or Stavanger. However, the most common solution to meet a norwegian mail order brides is on online dating websites. 

How to find a Reliable Norwegian Dating Website? 

It is a complicated challenge to find your soulmate nowadays. The global network has greatly simplified the search with the help of online dating platforms. There are a vast number of sites providing such services. Those who decide to start searching for their matches online should be prepared not to get hooked.

It is crucial to learn all conditions of privacy and pay attention to the transmission of your personal data. The website you have chosen should not disclose any information about your personality. Moreover, unregistered users should not be able to view your page on the site.

Reliable sites provide their customers with free registration. This way, you can test the site before getting the fee-based membership. 

The reliable Norwegian dating website should not contain explicit photos, as well as advertising of sexually-oriented products.

Among the most important features of a reliable dating site is a professional support team, which helps customers to solve many problems. Check if there is an e-mail address for feedback or chat box where you can get any assistance. 

Finding an exciting person online is not an easy task. While choosing a reliable Norwegian dating website, pay attention to narrowly specialized sites. They usually pay attention to customer service and security.


Norwegian Women

5 Tips on Dating a Norwegian Girl

Norwegian women are often melancholic and slow. However, they do not lack romance. If you plan to impress a Norwegian girl on the first date, there is a list of tips to follow:

  1. Create the total opposite of Scandinavian boring, non-creative, monotonous men. Shine with a sense of humor, positive energy and erudition. 
  2. Smile, and don’t forget to be nice.
  3. Norwegian women don’t let men pay for their dinner. Don’t be pushy if she wants to split the restaurant bill.
  4. Don’t choose the restaurant for the first date. Even if it is going to be the most luxurious one in the city center, Norwegian girls prefer extraordinary places for the first time meeting. They feel awkward to sit in a restaurant with a stranger trying to start a conversation.
  5. It is not accepted in Norway to get an odd number of flowers as a gift.

Nordic women are complicated, and it’s most likely because there are no clear rules for dating. Many couples in Norway went through friendship before getting married. Statistics show that men and women in Nordic countries are much more equal than in any other country in the world. 

A man living with a Scandinavian is not expected to feed his entire family. And a woman living with a Nordic man is not supposed to do the laundry and pick up children from kindergarten every day. 


The equality subject in Norway continues to be relevant nowadays. The Norwegian women are not distinguished by gender from their childhood. They are entirely rational about living together. When the couple decides to move in together - they discuss everything in small details. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful family life, the Norwegian girl will perfectly fit you. However, be prepared to wait until your soulmate turns 30. Women in Norway build their career, gain a more sustainable economic foundation and then get married.