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Everything A Single Man Should Know About Bulgarian Women


Bulgarian brides have the carefree charm of women who live by the sea, but their personality and appearance are even more interesting. A Bulgarian woman by your side will make you feel very proud no matter where you go.

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Bulgaria is a sunny state in the Balkan region. It is famous for its cuisine, nature, and people. Bulgarian women have acquired a unique and attractive appearance. For many men, they are a desirable variant of a wife. If you are among them, this article will help you to learn everything about these gorgeous and precious women. 

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Why Bulgarian Women Are so Popular?

Bulgarian women are beautiful

Among them, guitar-shaped figures with delicate features prevail. Along with that, they have got beautiful faces having straight noses and big eyes. Among Bulgarian women, there are many skinny and ender girls. One can meet a few plump or fat women. Bulgarian women manage to save their forms even with many calories in their meals. Traditional Bulgarian cuisine includes much bread, creamy cheese, and farinaceous foods. 

They Live in a Balkan country

Its distinctive features are mild, humid climate with hot summers, richness in natural food, and virgin nature. Everything promotes the beauty of Bulgarian women. They have got tender bronze skin as smooth as silk. Almost no one faces problems with it. Bulgarian girls can be proud of thick and long hair. In most cases,it is black. Bulgarian culture implies many beautiful variants of haircuts. 

Short hair is a rare happening

One can find a girl with short hair in Bulgaria, and probably, she will be a foreigner. In general, Bulgarian women try to follow the traditional womanhood notions when it comes to appearance and outfits. At the same time, many people consider Bulgarian society to be matriarchal in most cases. 


bulgarian bride

They are devoted to sports and fitness

In the cities, there are many swimming pools and running tracks. Bulgarian girls go in for water sports and games all year long. In summer, you will find many of them running, hiking, and cycling in the cities or the countryside. 

Outfits of Bulgarian women are catchy 

Bulgaria has managed to preserve love and skill to make clothes from ancient times. Bulgarian women prefer wearing sophisticated and bright outfits, even in everyday life. Occasional clothes are beyond imagination. Every Bulgarian woman knows how to apply cosmetics. Due to the climate and sunny days, they do not use it much. However, they pay close attention to every aspect: eyes, nails (Bulgarian women are obsessed with manicure), body hair, etc. It is a challenging task to find a Bulgarian girl who does not care about herself. 

They have a harsh temper

Bulgarian women are demanding, diligent, more aggressive, and crueler than men. In most cases, they require money from their boyfriends and husbands. However, no one can call them feminists. Bulgarian women just want their men to be strong. At the same time, a young Bulgarian girl is demanding, capricious, has got a top-heavy opinion about herself and high standards of consumption. 

Curious enough, but such character features do not scare men off. Bulgarian brides are popular in Europe and the rest of the world. Life with them is full of extreme feelings, passion, and beauty. 


bulgarian bride

Bulgarian women are very communicative when it comes to foreigners. The state is not very wealthy, so many Bulgarian girls dream about living in prosperous countries. However, it does not mean that showing a Bulgarian woman an American passport will open her heart. To win it, you need to consider many things and approaches. 

Bulgarian Brides Will Completely Transform Your Life

Bulgaria is a small Eastern European country, and its women are often overlooked due to the overwhelming fame of their neighbors, especially Ukrainian and Russian women. However, Bulgarian brides are fantastic in their own right, and here are 3 facts about them to prove it:

  1. Bulgarian brides look absolutely stunning. The rich genetic heritage and the sunny climate of Bulgaria, which is located by the seaside, made Bulgarian brides some of the prettiest women in Europe. Their sun-kissed skin, shiny hair, expressive eyes, and curvy but fit figures drive men crazy, and you are not going to be an exception.
  2. Bulgarian brides love being in love. When a Bulgarian woman finds a man she cares about, she will always let him know. Dating a Bulgarian bride, let alone being married to one, is constantly feeling like the most important person in the world. Bulgarian brides give their all to romance and surround you with as much passion and attention as you can handle.
  3. Bulgarian brides are perfect for family life. As soon as a Bulgarian bride becomes a wife, and then a mother, her focus shifts to her family and stays there forever. Bulgarian women are constantly working to improve the life of their family, whether it’s making a fresh and nutritious dinner, planning a fun vacation for the whole family, or having a special date night just for the two of you.

What are Bulgarian Brides Like

Bulgarian brides combine several features every man would like to see in his wife. Bulgarian women got used to big families. Balkan women, on the whole, accept the role of a mother and a wife. They care about their children well. The Bulgarian tradition dictates mothers to love and support their children for their whole life. In return, children are taught to respect their parents and relatives. Bulgarian family members try to preserve a good relationship even if they are far from each other.

Bulgarian women are smart. They are talented in different domestic duties. They know how to cook different tasty meals, how to sew and decorate their home. A typical Bulgarian bride is ready to live in a husband’s place and country. It is not a problem for her to relocate.

Many Bulgarian women are independent. They can build a career or find a job if the family requires it. However, this feature differs from woman to woman. Many Bulgarian women are ready to be mothers and housekeepers.

Bulgarian brides are the best option for busy and hardworking men. They will accept the leading role in a family. They are ready to solve all the family problems, leaving their husbands a duty of bringing bacon to home. 

At the same time, Bulgarian wives are demanding. They will not let their husbands cheat. They would like to learn everything about a husband’s free time and hobbies. So do not try to cheat if you do not want to witness the full power of a southern temper. 

Being a husband of a Bulgarian wife might not be easy for true introverts. These women demand much attention. Do not let your Bulgarian bride forget that you love her. Prove it by both words and romantic actions. 

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Where You Can Meet Bulgarian Brides?

You will meet many single Bulgarian women in their homeland. Today, Bulgaria is a swiftly developing country. Many young people move to cities. However, it is still possible to find many attractive Bulgarian girls in villages and small towns. As for the neighboring countries, Bulgarian people live in Italy, Croatia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, etc. There are some big communities in the southern regions of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova Republic, and Romania.

 You will also find many Bulgarian women for marriage on the Internet. There are some good sites with a lot of Bulgarian mail order brides. You need to find one that will not spoil your online communication. Bulgarian women are eager to find a foreigner available for marriage, so it is easy to chat with them. For this, they are ready to learn English. 

How to find a Reliable Bulgarian Dating Website? 

There are not so many dating services to be called trustworthy. Here are some principles of a good dating portal. Learn them to get a successful experience:

  • A dating website provides its users with several ways of communication. You should be able to find online chats, emails, and video calls. The best sites will suggest your assistance with arranging real-life dates: they can provide translators, arrange meetings, and individual appointments. 
  • A good website is a well-protected website. It must not send you spam messages. It must have antivirus protection and contain no advertisements. 
  • A dating portal that cares about its clients provides several steps of user verification. You must have an option to communicate only with valid users. 

Follow this checklist to ensure your successful online dating with your special beautiful Bulgarian mail order bride.

How to Attract a Bulgarian Girl? 

bulgarian bride

Attracting a Bulgarian girl is both easy and complicated. It is not difficult if you are a foreigner from a prosperous country. At the same time, Bulgarian women are a bit capricious. They got used to much attention from men. Here are some useful tips that will assist you:

  • Send your Bulgarian girlfriend many flowers and gifts. They like good clothes, so a trip to the outlets will be a pleasant time for her.
  • Do not forget about romance. Invite your Bulgarian girl to a romantic dinner or a marvelous trip. Sometimes, new emotions, like riding a horse or visiting a concert, will not spoil a date. 
  • Let your Bulgarian woman be independent. She expects you to be obedient. Try not to argue with her about minor things. Try to be gentle and let your girlfriend win some fights. 
  • Bulgarian women expect their future husbands to be hardworking. Show your girlfriend your diligence and ability to make money.
  • At the same time, they treat marriage and relationships seriously. If a Bulgarian woman starts dating you, she probably expects a proposal soon. 
  • Bulgarians got used to a big and loving family. It will be a good move to show your Bulgarian spouse that your family will love and accept her. 
  • Bulgarians are patriotic people. Start learning something about a unique Bulgarian culture. Never generalize your Bulgarian girlfriend with other Slavic and Balkan girls.

If you accept this task with a bit of consideration, attracting a Bulgarian girl will not be challenging. It is easy to communicate with Bulgarian women if you find a right approach to them.


Bulgarian girls can bring spice and joy into the life of a single man. They are skilled wives and loving mothers. With them, you will be able to build long-lasting relationships and happy families. If you manage to tame their hot temper, you will live a happy life with one of the Bulgarian women.