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Puerto Rican Women: Tips For Dating Puerto Rican Women


Puerto Rican girls have lots of advantages that will inspire you to meet them as soon as possible. They are deeply caring, breathtakingly beautiful, and want strictly monogamous relationships with a lot of commitment. More importantly, they are genuinely interested in meeting foreign guys for dating or even marriage.

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Whether this is the first time you are considering Puerto Rican women for a serious relationship or you’ve thought about it for a long time, one thing is clear: there is no need to put off meeting Puerto Rican girls any longer. The sooner you make that important first step, the sooner will you be able to enjoy your newfound happiness.

Puerto Rican Women: Why They Are So Irresistible To Men

Unless you’ve been to Puerto Rico before or you know someone from the country closely, there are probably only one or two things you’ve heard about Puerto Rico. You are probably familiar with its complex relationship with the United States, its economic troubles, and its vibrant local culture that conquered the world. Today, however, we want to introduce you to the most charming aspect of the country — the cute Puerto Rican girls. Here are all the things you need to know before you meet Puerto Rican women.

Who Are Puerto Rican Women?

We can talk about Puerto Rican girls for ages, but before we go on to discuss their features and tips for dating them, let’s answer the important question first: who are Puerto Rican brides and what are they looking for in life?

Puerto Rico Bride

A typical Puerto Rican mail order bride is a woman between 20 and 35. She has likely never been married before or already has some marriage experience and often one or two kids who live with her. She became disappointed in local guys, but she is also looking for better opportunities in life. The desire to start a better life elsewhere, paired with the attraction to Western guys, are the two main factors that inspire women in Puerto Rico to become brides to foreign men.

Characteristics of Puerto Rican Women

If things go your way, you will have a lifetime to spend with your lady, so you’ll have plenty of time to learn the peculiarities of sexy Puerto Rican women. But if you want to get your first impression of women from Puerto Rico, here are some of their best features.

Exotic beauty

Puerto Rican women are beautiful and no one can tell you otherwise. They are tall, very fit, and have a lovely skin with a milk chocolate tone. Their hair is wild and wavy, but always put-together. Puerto Rican girls have strong facial traits and curvy bodies, but they are great with makeup and fashion and know exactly how to make themselves look even more attractive.

Bright outlook

A typical Puerto Rican woman is someone who hasn’t always had everything easy in her life. She’s had to work hard to get where she wants. However, she did not allow the circumstances to change who she is inside: a cheerful, optimistic person who is always hoping for better things and has a proactive attitude to life. These women love having fun and sharing it with others.

Passionate nature

Even when you meet single Puerto Rican women who are not currently attached to anyone, you can already tell that there are hardly any females in the world that are more passionate than them. Puerto Rican brides live and breathe romance and passion. When they are in love, the lucky guy becomes the most important person in their lives and they shower him with attention.

Readiness to settle down

When dating Western women, you can often find that while they are cool with casual relationships, they are in no rush to get married or have children. They have their own reasons for that, but you should know that this is not something you will encounter with Puerto Rican brides. These girls are fully ready to start a family and they don’t need any convincing to do it.

Puerto Rican Mail ORder Brides

How To Date A Puerto Rican Woman

When you are looking for Puerto Rican women for marriage, you should know that these women want to tie the knot once and for all. They don’t want to spend a couple of years married to the person only to realize that they didn’t know him well enough and are now disappointed in their marriage. A Puerto Rican bride may be head over heels for you, but she will insist on dating for a while to make sure that you are a good match. Here is how to make the most out of your romance.

  1. Don’t be boring when approaching her. Puerto Rican girls may be looking for a long-term boyfriend and future husband, but they also want to meet someone who can be a good fit for their vibrant personality. That is why your approach should be unconventional enough. For your relationship to work out, your personalities need to mesh well together, and beautiful Puerto Rican women definitely like fun guys.
  2. Spend time in her social circle. Puerto Rican women put a lot of value into their friendships. They spend a lot of time with friends and they always ask for their opinion when making important decisions. When you voluntarily become a part of her friend group, it will show her that you have serious intentions and will also allow her friends to get a better impression of you and tell their opinion to the girl.
  3. Make your relationship serious from the start. Women in Puerto Rico are no strangers to casual dating and they may even have some experience with it in their local dating pool. However, when dating a foreign man, they only envision a serious relationship. They are wary of Western men coming to Puerto Rico, dating local girls for a week or two and then disappearing forever. So your bride should rest assured in your serious intentions.
  4. Show respect for her culture and views. You will quickly realize that your Puerto Rican bride’s background is very different from yours. For example, these women are rather religious but also fairly superstitious. They are also not very familiar with Western culture but adore their own. You need to demonstrate only respect and admiration for her beliefs and cultural background in order for her to see you as a potential partner.
  5. Don’t make a scene when she’s late. Like many Latin AmeRican women, Puerto Rican girls are not the best example of punctuality there can be. Ladies in Puerto Rico try their hardest, but they cannot often make it on time for the date. One solution for you is to pick your girlfriend up for the date in your own car, but if that’s not an option, simply accept the fact that you may need to wait for her a bit longer.
  6. Avoid mentioning other girls. If you know any personality traits of Latin AmeRican girls, then you also know that they are some of the most jealous women in the world. Their jealousy does not come from anger. It’s the result of them wanting their man to belong only with them. However, you casually mentioning another woman can lead to a big scene, and it should be avoided at all costs.
  7. Show your appreciation with gifts. Gifts are an integral part of the dating culture in Puerto Rico. The women in the country don’t expect anything extravagantly expensive, but they definitely want you to show that you care with the help of a thoughtful gift that matches their tastes. Their favorite gifts include sweets, accessories, perfume, and home decor items, but you can also get something that fits your woman’s personality.
Puerto Rican Brides

Where To Meet Puerto Rican Women

If pretty Puerto Rican girls are all you can think about at the moment, there is no point in delaying meeting them any longer. As a foreigner interested in Puerto Rican brides, you have two options for meeting them:

  • Visit Puerto Rico. A trip to Puerto Rico will show you a brand new side of this country even if you are already familiar with it. During your visit, you will also meet countless beautiful Puerto Rican women. However, you may run into several difficulties. First, many of the women you meet may be already taken or simply uninterested in dating a foreign man. Second, there can be a language barrier problem. Third, some areas of the country can be unsafe for tourists.
  • Use dating sites. The most effective, sensible, and budget-friendly way to meet Puerto Rican mail order brides is to do it on popular dating sites. There are many of them to choose from, but as long as you go for a reputable and trusted service, you will always have a pleasant experience. Dating sites can introduce you to hundreds of Puerto Rican at once and give you plenty of ways to communicate with them. And the best thing about it is that the women there are focused on finding a foreign guy to date or even marry.


By all accounts, the desire to date or marry a foreign woman — in this case, a Puerto Rican mail order bride — is certainly an unconventional decision given that there are so many fabulous women to meet in your own city. However, the advantages of Puerto Rico women for marriage are too big to ignore. A Puerto Rican lady is someone who can make you happy starting from the first day and you will never regret this decision. And with all the resources and knowledge you now have, looking for your ideal Puerto Rican bride won’t take you longer than finding a suitable local girl for dating!