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In Search of Pura Vida with One of Costa Rican Women

Costa Rica is a magnificent tropical country, located in Central America on the shores of the azure Caribbean Sea. National parks and reserves occupy almost a quarter of its territory. This country presents a Spanish-American cocktail of warm ocean spray and clear mountain air. Also, this country is rightfully called the homeland of beauties, because amazingly gorgeous women live there. To the question “How are you?” they always answer “Pura Vida!” that means “Life is wonderful!”

Costa Rican Women

Why Are Costa Rican Women So Popular?

Girls and women of Costa Rica are surprisingly charming, friendly, smart, and well-mannered persons. It is possible to say many good words about them. However, let’s view the most significant traits that can better characterize these breathtaking women. Here are three main reasons why young women from Costa Rica are so fetching and desirable.

They have a stunning and natural appearance which can be hardly described by words

You certainly know that women usually buy tons of cosmetics to look younger and prettier. With a young woman from Costa Rica, you can be assured that she will purchase tons of lotions, lipsticks, hair products, various shades of makeup, and so on. She just doesn’t need all this, because she doesn’t aim to look better or change her image. Such girls are as natural as sunshine, and everything from head to toe is just impeccable. All men who come to Costa Rica with tourist purpose admit that it is almost impossible to walk along the city streets without noticing at least several incredibly beautiful girls.

Costa Rican women are family-oriented

All women in Costa Rica are not the same, although they have one common point — every young woman wants to have a stable family and children. They consider family not only as a couple with children. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and even nephews form a close family for them. Family is an indisputable value for all Costa Rica girls, who dream of creating their own happy and large family from childhood.

Costa Rican Women

The desires of these Latinas are pretty predictable. In general, they want financial security in the form of decent housing, money for good food, and education for their children. It is expected that the husband will pay for everything, as well as for many things that her extended family may need. That is why pretty Costa Rican women do not mind marrying older and wealthy foreigners.

They adhere to their gender role in society.

Another point is not also related to the good looks of Costa Rica women. The matter is their femininity and fidelity to traditions, especially to historical gender roles in personal relationships. However, it can hardly be said that women in this country don’t worry about their education and career. Many of them graduate from local or foreign educational institutions and occupy prestigious business posts. They have various hobbies and interests. That is, they all have personal goals and try to achieve success.

However, they remain women in the literal sense with the opposite sex. Men like to be strong and protect their women. Costa Rica beauties know that and respect men. For most Costa Rica ladies, working just to get pin money is not customary. They either give up everything and devote themselves to the family or focus on their job, often forgetting about their duties to cook breakfasts and dinners.

Costa Rican Women

What Are Costa Rican Brides Like?

Looking at the beauties from Costa Rica, it seems that they are happy all the time. According to recent studies, the most satisfied people live precisely in this country. This country is predominantly a “white country.” About 20% of the population are mulattos and mestizos. Africans constitute a bit more than 1%. Costa Rica girls are relatively light-skinned, and they have radiant sunny smiles. Among the most beautiful Costa Rican young women are famous actresses, models, and beauty contests winners.

The Costa Rica brides usually wear white dresses and have a bunch of flowers in their hands. They throw this bouquet to her unmarried girlfriends to determine who will marry the next. Guests sprinkle rice over the bride’s and groom’s heads for good luck when newly-weds go to the church. Catholic Church is a sacred point for all Costa Ricans. Local women follow traditions and visit the church on Sundays. So, if you appreciate relationships with your Costa Rica wife, you should not say any provocative words about her religion.

A good point for every man willing to meet one of Costa Rican girls is that they are positive and calm. It is incredibly challenging to live with a person who is suffering from constant depression and anxiety or giving a hostile reception to everything a man says. Well, Costa Rica wife is immune to these problems. They can be a bit careless and take everything that happens for granted.

Many divorced men have an opinion that a wife always initiates a quarrel for various reasons and turns common life into a nightmare this way. Women from Costa Rica are different. Even though these women are too emotional, they are also understanding and supporting. Every man who has such a spouse can completely change his life for the better because in this case, he has a wonderful mistress, an ideal mother for their kids, and a partner on whom he can rely.

Costa Rican Women

Where Can You Meet Costa Rican Brides?

Obviously, you can meet Costa Rican women in two possible ways. You can buy air tickets to this country or find your future bride using the Internet. It can be amusing, but making acquaintances with a young woman in a local cafe or bar can be a challenge. She will most likely refuse your company without regard that you are good looking and well-off. The matter is that she was told to beware strangers. A good solution is when you will be introduced by somebody she knows. It may seem a strange tradition, but the local girls know that many foreigners are sex tourists. Therefore, the use of a dating site is a much better opportunity to meet Costa Rican ladies. The burning question is just how to detect a reliable platform with real and lonely beauties from this country.

How to Find a Reliable Costa Rican Dating Website?

You can easily find many Costa Rican dating sites on the Internet by searching. First of all, you have to do a comparison and analysis of them..To verify their reliability, read the reviews and cross the most suspicious sites off your list. Then, familiarize with the terms and the privacy policy of the remaining online platforms. Analyze the information on how the payments for services are made. Choose those dating websites that are most suitable for you to meet one of Costa Rica mail order brides.

Create your profile for free and select some good pictures of yours. After that, start to browse profiles and search for a woman meeting your criteria. Actually, a lot of Costa Rican mail order brides seek their love using dating websites. You may well encounter one of Costa Rica women for marriage in this way. Of course, it is a cumbersome process, but benefits outweigh your time and effort spent.

Three Tips on Dating a Costa Rican Girl

You should take into account that Costa Rica women have a specific culture of dating. There are some simple rules to be followed for winning the heart of a beautiful local lady. Let’s consider the most essential of them.

  1. Try your best to show good manners. If you invite a girl somewhere, it is a custom to take her from home, pay all the expenses, and bring her to the door of her house not too late. When your relationship becomes more serious, she may insist on sharing bills. In other words, Costa Rican dating culture is slightly different from western countries.
  2. If she really liked you, she may invite you to meet her family. The family means not only her parents but also every kith and kin. In many cases, they all live together. You need to find a common language with everybody. Moreover, your Costa Rica girl will expect you to go on to all family celebrations with her.
  3. You may not hide your feelings. It is normal to demonstrate affection in this country, but her parents will hardly approve sex before marriage. So, you can embrace and kiss her in public, but if you intend to spend a night with her, you most likely should first make her a marriage proposal.


Thus, Costa Rica dating has some specific features, but, as a rule, you don’t need to undertake unusual steps to begin a healthy relationship with one of Costa Rican women. Many of them are looking for decent men. So, don’t be reluctant to start finding your perfect match among Costa Rica singles!