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The Beauty, Mystery and Simplicity of Albanian Women

Albania is the land of pristine beaches and unique, beautiful natural environments unspoiled by mass tourism. It is an interesting fact that Albanians consider themselves to be very ‘endemic’ as well: they strongly believe that, unlike in other countries, there has never been a ‘mix of several races in Albania’ for centuries. 

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Albanians have a language spoken only in their country, and take great pride in their culture as well as traditional and family values that are highly respected. Strange myths may exist about Albania, but it is not the land of knife-wielding terrorists, mafia and primitive hillbillies. Many travelers and those who have lived in different countries say that Albania is nice and safe, with polite, friendly, and welcoming people.

Why are Albanian Mail Order Brides so Popular?

The best kept secret is they aren’t yet as popular as they should be. But what makes Albanian women so special and unique?

One of the most wonderful things about such a woman is that she can be:

  • strong and tolerant, but willing to be protected and loved 
  • independent, but caring and family-oriented
  • feminine and attractive, but loyal and not too demanding.

It makes sense to admire and value such women – before they become extinct. When (and if) we can find them, that is. Even though some are raised in conservative and restrictive societies, they tend to be westernized quickly and encouraged by the modern world to model their lives around the stereotypical images of ‘successful’ and uninhibited women.

albanian women

If you think it must be next to impossible – finding a woman who is beautiful but loyal, down-to-earth, and not haughty – in Albania, you are going to fall into the honeypot. Forget the modern distorted image of the power woman who wants to ‘have it all’ while trying to look like she’s doing it all effortlessly and joyfully. This is nothing but a shattering illusion. Meet the Albanian woman who values her family more than herself while being a kind-hearted and well-mannered person as well as beautiful on the outside.

This is engraved in the Albanian culture and is just as genuine and natural as the unique beauty of Albanian females. Their gorgeously shaped lips, big eyes, jawlines and high cheekbones look naturally stunning even without makeup. Many Albanian women have nice curves and bodies of the hourglass type that has been a century-old beauty standard which certainly deserves a comeback.

If you aren’t yet fed up with the fashion industry statements that extremely skinny and bordering-on-anorexia is sexy, just look at these Albanian beauties who seem an epitome of femininity. In case you didn’t have an idea what the ‘hips don’t lie’ idiom means, photos of the most beautiful Albanian women will leave no doubts.

albanian brides

Albanian women value family traditions and family ties, and they are hard-working but not career-minded. Even if some of them are, that’s because they just want a better life for their family and children. However, many Albanian girls leave their country, or are planning to, as they don’t see any opportunities for well-being, self-development, or enjoying their lives in a place with poor economy, corrupt politicians, and conservative family members making all the decisions. 

Unfortunately, while the Albanian culture is welcoming to guests, it has always been unwelcoming to women born in this country, to say the least. In fact, many Albanian traditions are based on gender inequality, and in some villages, women aren’t allowed to choose their partners even today. Marriages are arranged by other family members, such as parents or grandparents.

What are Albanian Brides Like?

Most Albanian mail order brides are young, with a great desire to learn and try something new. They have more liberal, present-day views on marriage, relationships and dating than their parents – which means the traditional way of choosing partners by the relatives’ opinions or recommendations won’t work for them.

Generally, Albanians show interest in foreigners and foreign countries because Albania has been isolated from the rest of the world for decades. They have a positive attitude towards people from different cultures mainly because of:

  • being patriotic and proud of their own culture;
  • associating foreigners and foreign countries with better development, modernization, or economic status;
  • having ancient traditions of welcoming guests warmly, and providing help or shelter to any visitors, regardless of their origin.

However, there’s a paradox: despite their hospitality, generosity, and tolerance for what is different from their ways of living, many Albanians are not willing to see foreigners as part of their family. This is likely to be a result of living in small neighborhoods, as well as in the unhealthy environment of communist dictatorship and isolation. Foreigners and foreign cultures are what they consider unknown, so it’s no wonder that older generations, unlike the younger ones, are not willing to embrace the unknown.

albanian brides

Anyway, economic stability is likely to be a more important factor, there’s no denying that. So if an Albanian girl believes that marrying and living abroad will improve her life and future, she will let her relatives know that her personal choices are not their decision.

Albanian girls are raised to be humble, grateful, patient, respectful, and family-focused. It makes sense, though, that nowadays they want a better life AND a family instead of only having a family like their mothers and grandmothers.

The best way to describe Albanian women is the way they characterize themselves, “We marry for life and never give up on our families”. Your Albanian wife will not let you down or leave you when things get tough, and she will be there for you when you need her. She may have decided to leave her country because of patriarchal traditions and stereotypes regarding which spouse is responsible for all the housework and childcare. 

However, she strongly believes it is the woman who keeps the family together, and her most important role is that of a mother and a homemaker. In Albania, women are aware of that since early childhood – not just as a rule, but by specific examples. Likewise, Albanian women learn to be excellent homemakers by specific examples and skills, as they help their mothers with housework and care for their siblings.

Where You Can Meet Single Albanian Ladies?

For many men, travelling to a certain foreign country is the best way to find out if they like its cuisine, sights, entertainment venues, and people. If you visit Albania, all of the above is likely to be enjoyable, but if you are interested in meeting Albanian singles, this is not a convenient way. Though Albanian girls in cities are more liberal and open to foreigners than in small towns, they are nowhere near easy. The best way of approaching one is being introduced to her by her friends or family. Unless you are planning to live in this country for a while, it is better to save your time and money by using the online dating site services.

This is a more efficient method, as you will be able to view the online profiles of Albanian singles who are certain they want a better life abroad. An important detail: these will include the Albanian women who are already living abroad. It’s not just the Albanian men going to other countries to find higher-paying jobs, but many young women choose to leave their small hometowns as well.

How to Find a Reliable Albanian Dating Website?

So if you see many profiles of Albanian singles living outside of Albania, it is a normal thing and not a scam. However, to make sure a dating website is not a scam, you can choose it by ranking, the number of years it has been in operation, ways of protecting personal and payment data, or by the users’ feedback and ratings. There are also plenty of dating website reviews and reviewers who do the research for you and provide answers to the questions you are likely to have. Some of these websites have basic features and services that are free, so you can get familiar with these first, and then decide if you want to pay any extra fees. Other dating platforms charge for all their services except for registration that is usually free.

5 Tips on Dating an Albanian Girl

  1. As long as you have serious intentions and can offer an Albanian girl a brighter future (provide for the family), you have good chances of winning over her heart.
  2. An Albanian woman is excellent marriage material, but getting along with her family is essential for your relationship. With the traditional views of the Albanian society on marriage implying this is not just the decision of two people, but mainly the decision of the family, some parents may oppose a marriage with a foreigner. If an Albanian girl wants to break away from such control of her decisions, she will need lots of support.
  3. Albanian women are loyal and committed, but they expect the same in return, and sometimes can be hot-tempered, jealous or possessive. The best way to calm them down and make them trust you is genuinely showing that you care about them.
  4. Albania had a turbulent and unforgiving history, a tough past, but all Albanians are very patriotic, so respect their country.
  5. Last but not least – or perhaps even the most important – nodding one’s head up and down means ‘no’ in Albania, while moving it from right to left means ‘yes’. Being just the opposite of what we are used to in other countries can cause many confusions if you don’t know about it.


Discovering the incredible combination of beauty, loyalty, simplicity and traditionalism that Albanian women embody is likely to be worth every unit of time and money you spend in this country or on the dating websites.