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What To Expect While Dating Lithuanian Women


Despite being a tiny country, Lithuania has been consistently giving some of the most coveted European brides to the world. Lithuanian women have delicate facial features, but these girls are also incredibly strong and full of love.

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One of three states of the Baltic region that is situated in the south, Lithuania, is full of picturesque landscapes and tiny towns to explore. Still, this country is known not only for the beauty of its nature but also for attractive people who live here. Lithuanian mail order brides are looking for the chance to get married to men from other nations, so why shouldn’t you try to conquer one girl’s heart?

lithuanian women

Why are Lithuanian Mail Order Brides so Popular?

1. Attractive appearance

If you are the one who cherishes an outer beauty in your girlfriend or a potential wife, you will find what you are looking for in Lithuania. Women here possess wonderful features of appearance: they are slim and tall, their hair is mostly blonde and their eyes are blue, grey or green. It’s worth noting that you will hardly enjoy the variety in terms of women’s appearance in Lithuania but if you have a certain type of woman you love and it’s Nordic-type girls, this country is an ideal destination for you. 

2. Intelligence

Lithuanian brides are smart. And if you were going to attract any of them with some trivial pick-up lines, forget it. You will not achieve success this way since local women see the insincere conduct and don’t give a chance to such men. 

lithuanian women

Instead, think of this as a positive feature: you will never get bored with an intelligent and discerning woman who sees the nature of things and events. She will be a good companion with whom you will be able to discuss a lot of things and get an alternative opinion to yours. 

3. Personal values

In Lithuania, women have developed a mix of values that would impress almost all men. On the one hand, local ladies strive for career success, high salaries, and equal salaries as other European women do. On the other hand, they love to feel their men taking care of them, paying the bill in a restaurant and putting off their coat. Moreover, they want to start a family and raise kids with their husbands. 

Such a duality of values and life goals can be explained by the history of the state. Desire to create a family and care about it is coming from the Soviet past, while the strive for better jobs and rewards is due to the move to the European Union. 

All in all, if you’d like to have a woman who is not only keeping the house and cares about kids but also has a favorite job, you will find her in Lithuania.

4. Good housekeeping skills

Lithuanian mail order brides know how to keep a house and create a cozy environment for their family. What’s more, these tasks do not seem hard for them at all. They love cooking, decorating their home and inventing ways of spending time with their families. This is due to the peculiarities of the way they are raised: Lithuanian girls watch their mothers and grannies cooking and cleaning the house from a young age and therefore, by the time they decide to marry, their housekeeping skills are mastered.

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Thus, if you look for a woman who has a talent for making the house your cozy home, you will not regret dating a Lithuanian woman. 

5. Light character

One more good news about Lithuanian mail order bride is that she is easy-going and light-tempered. She is pleasant to have a talk with and she is not eager to have hot discussions regarding controversial issues. You can talk with her without a need to be ready to defend your point of view as she does not need to persuade you in her opinion or try to engage in a fight. 

lithuanian woman

What are Lithuanian Brides Like 

1. They are stylish 

Ladies in Lithuania know how to look beautiful. Their looks are often casual but elegant that allows them to emphasize their appearance. When it comes to jewelry and makeup, women here do not use much of it. They prefer natural beauty over loads of cosmetics, therefore you hardly ever find a Lithuanian woman with bright makeup or a lot of rings on her fingers. 

2. They are friendly

Lithuanians are nice towards foreigners in their country. If you happen to get lost, need help or have any trouble, they are ready to give you a bit of advice or offer assistance with your issue so that your stay in Lithuania would be comfortable. Don’t hesitate to ask a stranger on the street of some Lithuanian town a question that bothers you. Maybe she would not only help you but appear to be the one you’ve been looking for.  

3. They are patriotic

As the Baltic region deviated from the Soviet past and is moving towards European society and values, local people are very proud of their country for this achievement. That is reasonable: years spent under the influence of Soviets brought nothing fruitful to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. As you see, freedom means a lot to Lithuanians and you shouldn’t perceive it as an arrogant attitude towards others. 

4. They are well-educated

Education and getting a job is very important for local women. As we mentioned before, they like to work and become more and more professional in their field of expertise. Also, their strive for knowledge and curiosity about the world come from childhood as little girls and boys in Lithuania are raised as book lovers and explorers of the environment. So if you are looking for an attractive and smart girl, you will find her in Lithuania.

5. They have good manners

Mothers and grannies in Lithuania pay a lot of attention to raising their kids, therefore a vast majority of Lithuanian ladies behave properly and know how to present themselves in accordance with the situation. They know how to act in a new company of people and how to make a good impression, so you will not regret having such a companion while meeting with friends or colleagues. 

6. They respect their families

Family bonds are close in Lithuania and if you look for such relations in your future family, then you have to consider marrying a bride from this country. To make sure whether our words are true, pay your attention to the way she speaks with her parents and other close relatives. It will say all you need to know about her.

lithuanian woman

Where you can meet single Lithuanian ladies?

Today meeting Lithuanian girls is not a hard job to do. There are two ways you can get acquainted with a woman from Lithuania: either by traveling to the state and meet offline or by signing up to a dating website that provides a service of online dating Lithuanian women. 

Each way has its pros and cons and you have to understand which one is more convenient for you. Meeting offline is great since you communicate directly with the person you like and you can hardly become a victim of scammers, but traveling to Lithuania requires your money, time and effort. In such a case, online dating websites can be a nice alternative, and below we list a few important things to pay attention to while choosing an online dating platform. 

How to find a Reliable Lithuanian Dating Website?

If traveling to Lithuania to meet local women does not fit into your plans but you still wish to find a bride from this country, a dating website is a good place to start. In order to find a proper one, keep in mind a few tips below:

  1. Do some research and don’t trust only companies’ testimonials on their sites as they would be mostly positive. Instead, collect reviews from other platforms and compare them. If you have a friend who successfully found his love on a certain dating site, ask about it and make use of an advice;
  2. Check whether Customer Support can assist you 24/7. If not, it’s highly likely that you are visiting a scam website;
  3. Read FAQs on the website to know whether there is any money-back guarantee, what payment methods are used, etc. Try to get to know everything about money matters before you give them to the company; 
  4. Evaluate site’s usability. If it’s not comfortable to use the website or it looks unreliable, it probably is unreliable.

Tips on Dating a Lithuanian Girl

There are a few more tips for you to follow before you begin dating Lithuanian women:

  1. Be romantic. Bring her flowers on the first offline date, take off her coat, hold doors for her, etc. Let her see what a gentleman you are;
  2. Be smart and witty. No, you shouldn’t show off even if you run a successful business or have a couple of degrees. Instead, talk about books, movies, world events and show your outlook. Don’t forget to ask her questions to get to know her better and tell a few jokes to break the ice;
  3. Dress well. Especially if it’s your first offline date. There is no need to know all current fashion trends and follow them. Just dress according to the place you are about to visit together;
  4. Be on time. There is no second chance to make a first impression, so don’t spoil her vision of you by being late. 


Now you know everything that we know about Lithuanian women and you are completely forearmed for your first date. We believe you can do it and we hope our advice will help you. Good luck!