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Dating Latvian Women: Everything You Wanted To Know


Latvian brides know exactly how to keep their men happy and satisfied. In addition to their charming appearance, they also have a lot of wisdom and can always cheer you up with just a few words.

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Latvia is one of three states with a long history and unique culture form the Baltic region of North-Eastern Europe. People, and especially women, are attractive both physically and mentally here, so if you’d like to find a Latvian mail order bride, don’t hesitate to read what we know about them.


Latvian Women

Why are Latvian Mail Order Brides so Popular?

There are a few reasons for Latvia women’s popularity among men all over the globe. Let’s take a closer look at them:

1. Outer beauty

Latvian women are some of the tallest in Europe. Their appearance can be defined as Nordic type: straight blond hair, satin skin, subtle features of the face, and blue or grey eyes. They have charming sight and fit body shape. The open smiles of Latvian women make their look gentle and attractive to everyone who meets them. They are stylish when it comes to clothes and jewelry and enjoy taking care of themselves (you can hardly meet a Latvian girl without tidy manicure). They know how to dress well and emphasize their elegance with a few accessories. 

2. Gender peculiarities of Latvia  

Did you know that there are more women in Latvia than men? Still, men are 8% less in the state overall, meaning there are fewer men enrolled in higher education institutions and fewer men work in offices. Thus, if you are about to travel to Latvia, women can meet you almost anywhere you go.

Also, as fewer men are studying in colleges and universities, Latvian women have more troubles with meeting a man who is educated on the same level as they are. Therefore, if you have a decent education and job, your chances of meeting your wife in Latvia increase drastically!


Latvian Women

3. Orientation on a stable relationship

Latvian women are interested in a stable and long-term relationship. They want to not just achieve career success but also get a family and have kids with the man they love. You will hardly find a woman who will just chat with you and expect nothing serious, but if you look for a reliable partner and would like to create a family in the future, Latvian women can be a perfect fit for you. 

4. Readiness to marry men of other nationalities

The research that we performed has shown that more than 30% of Latvian brides marry men of other nationalities, which means you can give it a try and be one of those lucky men easily. The reason is that Latvian women find foreigners attractive, and the cases of cheating among Latvian men are so popular that local women are looking for men from other nations to build a stable relationship with. 

5. Knowledge of English and open mind

Latvian girls can easily meet foreigners since they speak fluent English and often understand Russian. The former has become popular among Latvians since the time of the state joining the EU, and the latter is known in Latvia because of its Soviet past. However, if you hope to communicate with them in Russian, keep in mind that this language has a negative connotation in minds of Latvian people, and thus you will hardly look attractive to them.

Instead, if you are a fluent English speaker, you will have no trouble communicating with Latvia mail order brides, so don’t hesitate to proceed to date them. 

What are Latvian Brides Like 

1. They are well-educated

Latvians have a tradition of providing good education to their children regardless of their sex. It is especially true for girls. As the statistics say, more than half of all women population in Latvia holds at least one degree. Besides this, younger mail order brides in Latvia speak at least two languages, their native Latvian and English. They often travel abroad to master language skills and to study their chosen profession, so if you value intelligence in women, you won’t regret meeting a Latvian girl.

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2. They have good manners

Girls in Latvian families are raised in the best customs of the country. They are taught to behave according to the situation and place from a young age, therefore you’ll hardly hear them swearing or shouting aloud in public places. They know how to choose clothes, hairstyles, and jewelry to look sophisticated and elegant in any company, so you will never feel uncomfortable if a Latvian woman accompanies you on your trips or meetings.

3. They are reliable 

Latvian women not only expect their men to be loyal but they also can give all their heart to their men. They are not interested in dating a few men simultaneously or flirting at work if they are in a relationship. Family values are one of the top priorities of local women, that’s why you shouldn’t be worried whether she will be a loyal companion or not.


Latvian Women

4. They are curious about the world

After Latvia joined the EU, local people got an opportunity to explore Europe without boundaries and travel more. Visiting other countries on weekends has become popular among Latvians, and now it is one of the most interesting ways to spend time for families and single people. Business and studying trips abroad are also common in this country, so if you are looking for the one to explore the world with, a Latvian woman will be a great partner for you.

5. They follow fashion trends

Latvian women are stylish and modern when it comes to clothes. They know how to implement trendy outfits into their wardrobe and appreciate it when men dress well, too. You will never feel ashamed of the way she looks and will have an opportunity to develop your style by her side. 

6. They are not very religious

Latvian society is not very conservative regarding religion. People here are liberal and have a flexible mind, therefore finding a woman who accepts different religions and is not attached to any of them is not a tough task. 

Where you can meet single Latvian ladies?

There are two popular ways of meeting Latvian women. First, you can travel to the country and meet a girlfriend in the bar, in a cafe, at the party, etc. The only thing you have to remember if you decide to get acquainted with a local woman offline is that women are not too open to men who approach them directly on the street. Latvia used to be one of the popular spots for sex tourists, therefore ladies here act a little detached towards strangers. 

The other way to meet a Latvian bride is to find her on a dating site. This means of connection has its pros and cons that you have to consider before using. 


Latvian Women

How to find a Reliable Latvian Dating Website? 

If you want to find a safe website for chatting with Latvian girls, you have to keep in mind a few points to check before registering:

  • Reviews. The first thing we advise you to do while searching for the dating site is to check testimonials on trusted websites or simply in Google. They can tell a lot about the service, its staff, and whether it is safe to use;
  • 24/7 Support. It can be either by phone, online or both so that you can resolve any issue immediately;
  • Various means of communication. A reliable dating website should provide video chat, instant messaging tools, voice calls, etc. If there are limited ways to reach out to  a girl, don’t trust this service.
  • Secure payment methods and clear terms of use. Checking whether the website makes secure transactions and provides certain guarantees is crucial before you give any money to them.
  • Affordable price. Remember, a decent dating website should not be too expensive. If you see very high prices, it is likely to be a scam. 

Tips on Dating a Latvian Girl

By this time you already have a general opinion about Latvian women, but there are still a few things you need to remember while dating them. 

First, let her express herself. If you meet offline and this is your first time in her area, it will be a good idea to ask her to make a tour for you. Latvian brides like to demonstrate their intellect and thus she will be pleased to see you are interested in the place where she is from. Also, by doing so you will be able to get to know her favorite spots to visit and get a few ideas for your future dates.

Second, listen more than talk. Don’t ask a lot of simple questions like her favorite color or song. Instead, ask meaningful things that will show you the way she thinks. Ask her about the last book she read and what she liked about it, etc.

And last but not least, remember to act like a gentleman since your conduct is one of the decisive factors whether she would like to see you for the second time. Be polite and interested in her, witty and intelligent, and your chances of continuing your dating will increase.


Now you are equipped with all necessary knowledge regarding dating Latvian brides. We hope that advice, tips, and hints we presented here would help you in your search for the love of your life.