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Japanese Women: A Detailed Guide to Finding a Perfect Bride


Japanese brides are some of the most popular women of the Asian region and it’s not at all surprising: Japanese women have an impossibly cute appearance, a unique outlook on life, and lots of love they can give you.

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Revealing secrets is always exciting. Especially when it comes to the secrets of mysterious beauty and startling charisma. Japanese women can be named the eighth wonder of the world without exaggeration. Mona Liza smile, mild-mannered behavior and a shy stolen curious glance from under the thick eyelashes – who can resist a chance to marry one out of the thousands of astonishing Japanese brides? If you are a true admirer of women’s beauty, this article is a bargain for you. Learn what kind of person Japanese woman is, how to meet her and what to do to make your relationship last forever.

Why Japanese Women Are so Popular?

It is hard to find at least one man in the whole world who would still ask this question. However, in case you are not yet among the ones adoring the overwhelming personality and genuineness of Japanese women, don’t refuse a pleasure to enjoy the checklist of the most distinctive features of Japanese girls philtering the men’s hearts for generations.

Japanese Women


They are cute

Cuteness means everything to any Japanese bride. Japanese women don’t strive to be beautiful or hot. They need to be cute as porcelain dolls at the Duncan’s Toy Chest. It contributes to the attractiveness of the Japanese girls, as any of them can be cute without being beautiful in the common sense of this word. Be sure, it is impossible to get tired from admiring the long eyelashes, pale small lips, silky hair, and slender figure.

They are family-oriented

The families of Japanese girls are rather conservative. From a young age, every woman is taught to value integrity, honesty, respect, and honor above all. Their femininity is cultivated with an unshakable faith, and any Japanese woman should always mind her manners, know when to talk and what to say in order to make her man be proud of having such a gorgeous wife. 

They value their culture

Japanese women are taught to treat culture as the most valuable treasure, so they pass their authentic traditions on from generation to generation. It is hard to find any other country with such a long line of rites and ceremonies, that is why Japanese brides are so proud of their traditional values. 

They are excellent mothers

Despite being well-educated and smart, Japanese girls would always consider their husband and children a top priority in life. This is definitely not a case when a woman is going to fight for her career right after she gave birth to a child, leaving her blood and soul to a nanny. 


Japanese Women

Japanese mail order bride demonstrates her knowledge and shares her thoughts only to satisfy her husband and to make him proud of his wife.  Of course, there are many Japanese brides who choose their own ambitions, but still, the number of those women appreciating the family values prevails.

They are thoughtful

There is no better support for any man than a Japanese bride. Thanks to her perfect education and impeccable manners, she is always able to give a hand when her man is experiencing a crisis. It is hard to imagine the Japanese women can hurt somebody’s feelings, as they are extremely good at empathy and consider the problems of their loved ones as their own. When dating a Japanese mail order bride, one can state he has met a true friend, not just a beautiful woman or a smart geisha, longing to make his life extremely happy.

What are Japanese Brides Like

Anime beauty

If you have seen Japanese anime at least once, you know what role model Japanese girls have chosen to follow. At present, many of them resort to radical measures to get closer to perfection. Eye surgery is quite common among hot Japanese women, as very often they are dissatisfied with their eye shape considering it to be not as beautiful as the ones Western women possess.

The admirers of curvy body shapes should seek their beloved ones in other countries, as Japanese women are slender like gazelles and consider thinness to be a synonym of beauty. 


Japanese girl would rather suffer than speak her mind in case something has insulted her. She would always think it’s her fault that something has gone wrong and try to fix it whatever it takes. Such an aspect of her personality cannot be considered a positive one, but remember that it’s the way Japanese girls are brought up. Respect her and you will get a true friend and a caring woman in one person. 


Japanese Women

Chef at your kitchen

There is no other ethnicity in the world that can compare to Japanese brides when it comes to cooking. Asian cuisine is rich in exquisite dishes, so any self-respecting Japanese woman can easily cook to satisfy her husband. If you happen not to be an admirer of local food, be sure, any Japanese mail order bride can learn to prepare even the most sophisticated dish in no time. 

Fierce mother

Despite all the strictness the Japanese bride has been brought up in, she will be an extremely caring and loving mother. However, her love will not be expressed via constant cuddling and satisfying children’s whims. The main goal of your beautiful Japanese woman in the role of mom will be to raise the true genius, smart, well-educated and well-rounded. Be sure, your kids will visit several hobby groups at a time in order to develop their artistic, sports, and singing skills. Besides, from early childhood, your blood and soul will definitely speak a few foreign languages. There are no obstacles for Japanese women when they want to make their children reach the highest level of excellence. 

Where you can meet Japanese Brides?

It is not necessary to go to Japan in order to meet a hot Japanese girl. For the most part, Japanese women travel a lot. They like adventures and hate monotonous routine. Romantic France, royal Great Britain or sexy and hot Dominican Republic – your Japanese bride can wait for you anywhere.

But don’t be in a hurry to pack your bags and  book your flight ticket. In the XXI century, it is possible to meet your one and only without leaving your home. Beautiful Japanese girls just love communicating online via numerous social networks and dating websites in order to make friends with handsome Western guys. All you have to do is  choose a reliable dating service for Japanese mail order brides.

How to find a Reliable Japanese Dating Website?

This process is not so complicated as it may seem. All you have to do is  check the criteria for reliable dating website and strictly follow them before you make a registration. 

  • Any legit dating website should have a decent number of profiles of the real girls. As a rule, the profiles of Japanese mail order brides should be quite diverse, have good-looking avatars and be easily contacted. Same-type polished photos should be a signal that the website operates false members;
  • The website which can be trusted clearly and transparently describes all terms and conditions of membership. Registration procedure, cost, services and the most frequently asked questions can be easily found in the corresponding sections of the site;
  • Safety and security are a top priority for any legit dating web page. The personal data of its members as well as credit card information are carefully secured. 

How to attract a Japanese Girl?

And now, when you know everything about the traits of Japanese women and places where they can be met, it’s time to proceed to the guidelines for your first romantic date. How to make her fall in love with you? And how to leave an imprint in her heart? Be sure, after these recommendations, any Japanese girl will look forward to seeing you again.


Japanese Women

Express your feelings

Japanese brides are sick and tired of traditional reserved men. Tell your beloved about your feelings, surprise her with some extraordinary romantic date or sing a serenade. Be open and showcase all your emotions. Japanese girl longs to be loved and wants to be sure you are ready to give your love to her.

Go slow

Don’t hide your feelings but try not to act like a playboy while you are dating a beautiful Japanese woman. It will definitely make you look bad in her eyes. Japanese mail order brides value respect and good manners in men above all. Give her time to know you better to establish a really strong liaison between you.

Respect her parents

The most important challenge in your relations with the Japanese woman is your first meeting with her family. Your task is to make a good impression, especially on her father, as he won’t let his little daughter get hurt by anybody. Try to be respectful and polite, show your serious intentions towards their kid. They will not be able to resist you, be sure.

Why Are Japanese Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

Today, the majority of Japanese women will start a relationship with a man from another culture without hesitation. If a woman likes you, she will make steps forward despite you not being Japanese.

More than that, Japanese girls believe Western guys are gentlemen and entertaining talkers. Many girls consider white men much more appealing due to their beautiful blue and gray eyes, tall figures, and fair hair.

While Japanese women are incredibly educated, a language barrier may still take place in your dating routine. That is why they prefer meeting guys from other countries on dating sites. When they have a translator at hand, they feel much more confident in conversation.

Many women are curious about Western culture. They will date you because it is a new experience that will bring them lots of strong emotions. This curiosity is a result of prolonged isolation when Japan was separated from the rest of the world for decades.

That is why you can consider your origin as a significant advantage when dating girls from Japan.


Japanese brides are wonderful in all senses: they are extremely beautiful, sophisticated, well-educated and supportive. If you want to be a strong and independent Superman for your beautiful Asian princess, get ready for a long struggle for her kind and loving heart. However, it’s definitely worth your efforts. Just try!