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Dating Irish Women – The Comprehensive Guide

Even though they might not be the most famous, Irish women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. These women are so beautiful that men from all parts of the world are going crazy over them. Also, Irish women have great personalities that make them suitable as soulmates. This guide will carefully describe what dating an Irish woman is like.

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Why are Irish Women So Popular?

Irish women have a distinctive look. As a result, foreign men are looking to get in contact with them because they offer an alternative to their women. Moreover, Irish women have tremendous and fun personalities. These kinds of interesting women are not common in the West. Here are some of the other reasons why Irish women are popular:

Irish women are gorgeous

Irish women look exotic. They look quite cute and attractive irrespective of the part of the country in which they live. Irish women can melt the heart of any man with their bright eyes and captivating smiles. Moreover, Irish girls dress up smartly even when they are in the presence of relatives.

irish women

Irish women are family-oriented

Due to the influence of religion on the Irish people, family values are stronger than in other countries. Irish girls love to take care of their family members even after they marry. We all need a wife that will take care of the home. No one wants to come back to the house to see everything in disarray.   

Irish women are loyal

Women from Ireland do not cheat. They even find it difficult to go into a relationship without the prospects of marriage. Christian doctrine forbids premarital relationships. Although this hurdle might seem tough in the early stages, you will eventually scale it with patience and understanding. Since Christianity is a core aspect of Irish culture, Irish women only date for marriage. So, if you find an Irish girl that wants to date you, she will always stay faithful to you.

They love with passion

The population of Irish women is almost three times larger than that of men. Therefore, when an Irish girl falls with you, she will show you how passionate she is. Not even St. Patrick’s day will substitute her love for you. You will become a part of everything she does. She will involve you in every decision she makes. Your Irish bride will call you often to check up on you.

What are Irish Brides Like?

Most people associate Irish people with red hair. This stereotype comes from the portrayal of people of Irish descent in movies. Just by looking at Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), you will understand what we are talking about (he is actually English).

However, Irish women vary a lot in the way they look. You can find blondes, brunettes, and redheads – the trifecta. In terms of personality, Irish women also differ massively. You cannot say with conviction how a typical Irish woman acts. But some of the traits they have in common are lofty ambitions and a great sense of humor.

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Below are some of the personality traits that set Irish women aside from other women of the world:

Irish brides are beautiful

Irish brides have long hair. They have bluish or green eyes. They also have very white skin, which is often pale. Their dark hair provides a contrast that brings out the outlines of their faces. If you want a wife and children that will be the envy of all your friends, you should marry an Irish woman.

They have great bodies

Women from Ireland have a slender build. They are not curvaceous and plump like the women from the Americas. Irish brides are rarely out of shape because of the superior healthy lifestyle they lead. For foreign men who are into women with pale skin and slender shapes, Irish women are the perfect fit.

Irish brides are good cooks

Since they have strong family values, Irish brides learn a lot from their mothers and other older women in their families. They understand that cooking is an effective way of making your man happy. Irish women can cook anything from their local cuisine, as well as international cuisines. You will not have to eat pizza every evening. Moreover, Irish mail order brides value proper nutrition.

Irish brides are ambitious

Irish brides are not scared to take on challenges in their life. If they see an opportunity to elevate themselves, they will not hesitate to take it. Most Irish women are well-educated. This gives them the necessary platform to grow into independent individuals. Your Irish bride will support your income instead of becoming a parasite to you.

Irish brides have a good sense of humor

People from Ireland come from a long line of good storytellers. They also have a lot of very famous fairy tales that have become movies. Therefore, humor is not a foreign concept. Your Irish bride will enjoy a good joke once it is in good taste. She will also make fun of you when you do something stupid.

Where can you meet Irish Brides?

The best way to meet Irish brides is over the internet. You can easily make use of an Irish dating website to meet Irish brides for marriage. This process of meeting Irish brides has the best track record.

You can always travel to Ireland to meet Irish singles too. However, traveling is not for everybody. Moreover, tourism sometimes doesn’t sound as fun. All those long queues and the long flights will take a lot of energy and money from you.

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Therefore, the most reliable option still comes down to Irish mail order brides’ sites. They will provide you with a reliable platform to meet with and communicate with your potential Irish bride.

How to find a Reliable Irish Dating Website?

The problem with the internet is trying to stay safe. You can easily fall victim to scams if you are not careful with dating sites. You can use some of the more popular dating sites, but the problem is that most Irish women on those sites are looking for a fling and not serious relationships. So, the services of Irish mail order bride sites come in handy. Here are some of the steps to finding a reliable Irish dating website:

  •  Make sure you go through the user reviews to see what the users are saying about the website
  • Read the terms and conditions of the services they offer
  • Read the privacy policy to know if your info is protected
  • Create an appealing profile with great photos of yourself
  • Use the search parameters to find girls that are of your type
  • Do not be afraid to reach out to girls; they won’t bite
  • Try to initiate conversations with Irish brides that you like
  • If an Irish girl responds, you need to follow up the conversation
  • Make sure that you let her know that you are looking for a wife rather than a fling
  • If things work out, organize a video call to see what she looks like
  • Start planning on marrying your Irish mail order wife

4 Tips on Dating an Irish Girl

The experience of dating an Irish girl is different. If you are from the West, you won’t have a lot to worry about. However, if you are from other parts of the world, you will find it difficult to adjust at first. Here are some of the useful tips to know when you are in a relationship with an Irish woman:

  1. Don’t make fun of their tradition. You need to respect their tradition and culture. Do not make fun of leprechauns or pots of gold. These things are sacred to the Irish.  
  2. Avoid the dark parts of their history. Do not talk about the IRA or any part of their struggle with the Brits. This history is still sour and fresh to most Irish people. Do not talk about politics at all.
  3. Learn their traditional practices. If you like to have a pint once in a while, you will enjoy St. Patrick’s day a lot. Even though your Irish bride might not drink, she will dress the part and have fun on this special day.
  4. Accept her religion. Even if you are not religious you should never try to prevent her from practicing her religion. Things will go sour immediately if you try to do this. Irish brides base their lives on these religious doctrines. So, trying to take them away will make things difficult for her.
  5. Buy her gifts. Every lady loves when you buy her things, especially as a surprise. Pay attention to what she likes and surprise her with them.


To conclude, Irish women are perfect if you are looking for women to marry. She will bring a lot of happiness to your household. Also, she will take care of your home and your children. Your Irish mail order bride will make you smile with her funny and witty comments. If you feel convinced that Irish brides are the best, go and register to an Irish mail order brides’ site right away.