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Indonesian Women: The Beauty and Pride of South Asia


Indonesian women first charm you with their exotic but beautiful appearance, but when you are in a relationship with an Indonesian bride, you learn even more of her amazing qualities, including her humble character and hard-working nature.

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Indonesia is a big state island in South Asia. For a long time, it has been a homeland for different unique nations. Indonesian women are beautiful and mysterious. Many men want them to become their wives. In this article, we will describe the Indonesian women and tell you where to meet them and how to marry them. 


Indonesian Women

Why Indonesian Women Are so Popular?

The first thing you should know about them is a big diversity inside an Indonesian society. It concerns everything, beginning with appearance and beauty standards and finishing with religions and customs. So, it is challenging to single out a particular stereotype concerning an Indonesian woman

As for the appearance, you will find many different Indonesian girls. Women with Chinese roots are tall, have pale skin, and long legs. The majority of Indonesian women have acquired typical South Asian appearance: they are tiny, slim, with bronze skin, and long dark hair. The population of the distant islands has got darker skin, round eyes, and developed facial features. 


Indonesian Women

An average Indonesian woman is slim. The local cuisine rich for proteins and vegetables promotes her tenderness. We cannot say that Indonesian women have very developed feminine parts. Many people call them a bit masculine. Along with that, they have got beautiful bronze skin that does not suffer from problems: leaving on the islands means the unstoppable access to natural sea cosmetics. 

Indonesian women have got tiny faces triangle-shaped with round cheeks and tiny noses. For many of them, eyes are the main factor of their beauty. Many women here dream about white and pale skin. It has always been a sign of prosperity: a poor person could not allow buying an umbrella. You will not see Indonesian girls sunbathing or swimming in the ocean. They might do it in the evenings. 

You will not see many gyms in Indonesia as well. First of all, the country is Islamic, so there are some restrictions concerning public places. Secondly, Indonesian women live an active life and can do without visiting a gym. 

Among all South Asian countries, Indonesian women have got the most beautiful outfits. They combine Asian traditions with an Islamic present, getting outstanding hijabs and other traditional clothes. It concerns both everyday outfits and occasional clothes. In Indonesia, a woman might not cover her face completely in public. She goes out in a closed colorful costume or national dress. Indonesian brides are the most beautiful: their wedding dresses have many accessories. 

Buddhist Indonesian women are more liberated when it comes to clothes. The climate is hot, so they wear t-shirts and skirts. Many of them like European dresses. 

The character features of Indonesian women differ as well and depend on their religion. Muslim Indonesian women show their pride and modesty. Buddhistic women are more open-hearted and optimistic. They will never show a stranger their real emotions. A smile is like a mask for Indonesian women. 

In general, Indonesian women are communicative and tolerant. They are friendly with the foreigners and tolerant to foreign traditions and the way of life. They are not against marrying a foreign man. Unlike the other Islamic states, a woman in Indonesia decides who she wants to marry by herself. Family can give recommendations, but cannot affect her final choice. 

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Indonesian Women

Another difference from other Islamic states lies in an attitude to a woman in Indonesian society. She is not deprived of her rights. Many Indonesian girls have an opportunity to get an education and start a career. So, an Indonesian woman is a proud and strong woman who knows her value and advantages. 

What Are Indonesian Brides Like

The attitude to family and its values differs in Indonesia too. In a traditional Islamic family, a wife is the main holder of a house. She is obliged to be a housekeeper and a mother. Her main duties are cooking, serving meals, raising children, and creating a pleasant atmosphere inside a house. 

Polygamy is prohibited here by the law. However, it does not stop local men from having a number of wives. The main task for a man is to get a proper dowry for his wife. The traditions dictate it to be rich and valuable. If a man can gather a portion to marry two or three women, he can relax and let them work and provide for the family. 

In monogamous Indonesian families, a wife raises many children. She breeds them until they turn five years old. Since this age, boys start living in man’s half of the house, and a father takes the central role in their raising. Girls are left with mothers who teach them everything an Indonesian woman should know. Many families raise one child, and a woman has a job along with her husband. Having a daughter was always complicated for the family: it would get only a marriage portion for her when she married. Until that time, the family provided her. Many poor and single Indonesian girls move to big cities to find jobs and husbands there. 

So, an Indonesian wife is quite an independent person who knows how to make money and support her husband. She demands respect and care. In return, she will provide her husband’s happy life. A husband always knows that comfort and tasty food are waiting for him at home. 

Divorces are not common in Indonesia. Indonesian girls are faithful to their men. However, they will dislike cheating, like any other woman. Beautiful Indonesian women are not deprived of men’s attention. The Islamic tradition does not forbid early conclusion of marriages. 

Where You Can Meet Indonesian Brides?

You will meet many single and hot Indonesian women in the big cities of the state. It is not complicated to get along with them. They are communicable and friendly: they can start a dialogue with you and show initiative if they like you. 


Indonesian Women

Many Indonesian women live across South Asia. The biggest community is situated in China. 

You can try your luck and find a lot of hot Indonesian women online too. A mail order bride from Indonesia is an ordinary happening. Compared to other Asian states, the culture of Internet communication is developed in Indonesia. Indonesian mail order brides got used to searching for husbands from other countries. All you need to do is to find a website that specializes in South Asian beauties. 

How to Find a Reliable Indonesian Dating Website? 

To ensure your success with Indonesian brides, you have to be careful about an online dating service. Here are some recommendations:

  • You need to be confident about your choice. Check if the website allows searching for women from the different parts and regions of Indonesia, as the state is large. 
  • You need to get acquainted with the regulations and recommendations concerning safe communication on the Internet. Unfortunately, money issues and burglaries still happen. So, you need to know what services are paid on the website and how to avoid scams. 
  • Check the protection software a website has. At least there should be a sign of the antivirus software. 
  • Communicate only with validated users. A sign that highlights a passed validation should be present on every profile page. 
  • It might be challenging to switch from online dating with an Indonesian bride to a real meeting. A service must provide you with such recommendations and assistance. 
  • Finally, the website must have proper support management that can solve issues and answer the questions. 

Once you can find a website that matches all the requirements listed above, you can start meeting and attracting many hot Indonesian women. 

How to Attract an Indonesian Girl? 

There are no rules and general algorithms concerning attracting an Indonesian girl. Everything depends on her individuality and origins. However, there are tips that will raise your chances for success:

  • Be gentle with your Indonesian woman. Respect her and her traditions. The negative reputation of South Asian women does not concern Indonesian women. They know their value and will never shame their families. 
  • If your Indonesian girl is from an Islamic family, you need to pay attention to the relationship with her family. Be prepared to meet her parents and make a good impression. 
  • Be tolerant of the religion and traditions of your Indonesian bride. Do not underestimate them, and try to make her feel comfortable. 
  • The Islamic traditions do not affect the willingness for some romance. Be gentle and tell your Indonesian girlfriend many good compliments. 

Do not forget about taking your girlfriend for dinners and romantic trips.


Indonesian brides are beautiful. They might become good wives for men who want to build traditional families. An Indonesian woman never gets old. She stays optimistic and loving for many years. Honor your Indonesian wife, and she will love you. Now, you know everything you need to start building your own family with an Asian beauty.