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Indian women: A Complete Guide to Marrying a “Bollywood Beauty”

What image do you have when you think about an Indian bride? Probably, a fabulous princess, wearing vividly colored sari and dozens of sparkling jewels, singing, dancing and alluring everyone by her majestic beauty. 99% of men would think exactly like you. But how to make such an astonishing girl crush on you?  Keep reading to reveal all the secrets of tremendous beauty, loving heart and dedication of Indian women. Learn how to conquer her independent, caring soul, and get into her parents’ good graces. Enjoy!

indian women

Why Indian Women Are so Popular?

The uniqueness of Indian brides is well-known all around the world: these are the only ethnicity, embodying all the traits any man appreciates the most. Just take a look at this decent list of reasons why Indian women are the most desirable spouses in the world.

Natural beauty

Indian brides are lucky to have such a bright appearance, that they almost don’t wear makeup. Long dark sleek hair, dark eyes, full lips, and seductive body shapes make men addicted to Indian girls in no time. No matter what clothes she prefers: traditional or just plain jeans and a loose shirt, be sure, it would be the last thing you will pay attention to. At first, you may think an Indian woman is out of your league. But don’t be in a hurry to capitulate. Take advantage of all the opportunities to get to know an Indian bride better, to see deeper than meets the eye. Remember, big chances are never small stakes. 

Unquestionable faith

Traditions are considered to be sacred for Indian women. They follow the numerous rites and ceremonies and are extremely proud of their unique culture. Despite the poverty which remains prevalent in many Indian regions, Indian brides can always find their consolation in strong faith and hope for the higher powers. She will never get desperate and can become your most dedicated support in all life storms.

indian women

Excellent upbringing

From a very young age, Indian women were taught to treat their parents with special respect. Usually, Indian girls do not drink alcohol or smoke, one cannot imagine them to behave rude or inappropriate. In spite of the XXI century emancipation, an Indian bride stays feminine and caring, although having a strong sense of self-worth. While dating a girl from India, you can be sure that your parents will treat her like their own daughter, as nobody can resist her charm.

Strong maternal instinct

Any man who is ready for establishing his own family, instinctively looks for a woman who would become a perfect mother to his future children. In case you are one of such men, there is no better option for you than to marry one of the gorgeous Indian women. You will be lucky to come back home from work, knowing she is waiting there for you, cradling your kid. Your family holidays will turn into the embodiment of happiness and joy. Your children will be raised as true leaders, kind, generous and sharing. Be sure, Indian bride will do anything for you to be proud of your family.

“For better or for worse”

If an Indian woman gives a vow, she really means it. And it is for good. You can lose all your money, get into trouble or experience the worst crisis ever – she will be there for you, listening to your problems, cheering you up, and motivating. Even when you feel like a real loser, you will still be a hero in her eyes, no matter what. Her family and her husband are the most important things for an Indian woman to whom she is ready to give her all. 

indian women

What are Indian Brides Like

We believe, you are now intrigued enough and eager to take a closer look at what hides behind a pretty face and a cheerful smile of a stunning Indian woman, as she is a lot more than just a beautiful creature.

She is strong

Life is not all honey for the Indian woman. The influence of Islam beliefs and constant need in manpower, make Indian girls be treated much lower than the boys. In small towns, Indian brides are still totally controlled by their parents and/or husbands, not having a right to express their mind or take a decision. They don’t choose whom to marry, where to go or how to build their lives – everything is already decided. 

The duties of Indian women are limited to taking care of the house and children. Despite all these troubles, an Indian lady manages to stay kind, loving and caring. What is that, if it’s not an immense inner power? Of course, in many big Indian cities, things have gotten better now, but still, a lot of obsolete traditions are still being obeyed.

She is smart

In addition to being an excellent mother and wife, Indian woman longs to obtain qualitative education and find a prestigious job. Help her to showcase her talents, improve her skills, don’t forget to support her in the moments of anguish and doubt, and don’t be afraid that your family nest will suffer – each Indian bride is surprisingly multitasking.

She is looking for serious relationships

Before you meet one of the stunning Indian women, ask yourself what kind of relations you are looking for. In case it is something with no strings attached, An Indian bride is definitely not your option. These girls are extremely family-oriented. It is crucial for Indian women for marriage to know they are being treated seriously.

Where you can meet Indian Brides?

In India, of course. Yes, this country is not among the most flourishing and safest ones, but what you won’t do for love, right? 

However, if you cannot name yourself a dare-devil, choose a better option – try to meet your dreamlike Indian woman online. Fortunately, there are a lot of decent online dating platforms, where you can make friends with beautiful Indian mail order brides. One may wonder how such well-mannered and traditional girls can seek their fate online? 

Everything is just simple – Indian women are sick and tired of the constant superiority of their local men. Any Indian bride is dreaming to find her Prince Charming who will break a spell, notice her great personality, and save her from all the trials of life. If you are ready to do that, then you have chosen the right place.

How to find a Reliable Indian Dating Website?

When it comes to such a serious issue as finding a place where you will meet your future wife, try to be thoughtful and cold-minded. There are a lot of insignificant, in outward appearance, details which, however, should be paid great attention to. Learn them before you even start looking for dating website with Indian mail order brides:

  • No reliable dating platform can exist without a decent collection of qualitative and, what is the most important, real profiles. If the website cares about its reputation, accounts of Indian women will seem to be professionally done, however, the information won’t look like it has been copied and pasted multiple times. Each profile should be unique. 
  • The overall design of the website also matters. Any responsible website administrator wouldn’t let his website own a tacky appearance, inconvenient navigation, and chaotic content blocks. Everything should be done for the comfort and pleasure of the website members. 
  • Pay attention to the way the information is presented. The terms and conditions on registration, usage, payment, additional services, etc.should be clearly stated in the correspondent content blocks of the website. 

How to attract an Indian Girl?

Now, when you know all the secrets of the Indian brides inside and out, it is high time to develop an effective strategy on how to conquer her caring heart. Here are some crucial tips for you.

indian women

Be responsible

In case you are a free artist, waiting for his muse to come each time when you need money, you have two options: either to look for a girl of the other ethnicity or to drastically change your life. Indian women cannot be considered money-focused however, each Indian bride needs to be sure her man can take care of her and her kids, fit up their family house, and be able to achieve some reputable position in society.

Do your best to charm her parents

Old Indian traditions according to which Indian woman was forced to marry someone, chosen by her parents, are slowly dying. But the opinion of the relatives about the future husband still matters a lot. Try to treat the parents of your Indian mail order bride with all respect you have. They should be sure the man who is standing in front of them will make their little daughter unbelievably happy. 

Be honest

If you are not yet ready to become a loving husband and daddy, and your own family seems to be a burden for you, be honest with your Indian woman. Of course, you have all the chances to lose her by telling you are not looking for serious relations. However, the bitterest truth is always better than the sweetest lies.


Indian women are extremely hard to resist due to their astonishing physique and unbelievable personality. To conquer the heart of one is not a piece of cake. Be patient and self-assertive. Surround her with care and attention. And who knows, maybe it will be her who you would wait near the altar on your wedding.