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Columbia is a real ethnic patchwork. Its history, customs, culture, and social traditions reflect all the people living in it. As for the mass culture, Columbia has gained so much popularity not without the help of its women. Their unique beauty and low magnetic voice make them recognizable and desired around the world. This post will tell you everything about Colombian women. Study the temper, how to attract, and how to date them. It will take you five minutes to read the post and it can help getting a Colombian wife easier.

colombian brides

Why are Colombian Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Colombia is rich with phenotypes and traditions from around the world:

  • “Chechahcos” (citizens of the capital Bogota and nearby locations) have a reputation of cold and supercilious people. They seem to be concentrated on politics and work.
  • “Lianeros” – the citizens of North-East regions of Orinoco valley are considered to be austere and self-absorbed people. They are very hardworking and closed. Usually, it seems that all their interests concern weather and prices for cattle.
  • The citizens of South departments are fond of corrida and continuous talks.
  • Native citizens of the Amazon river have a reputation of great anchorites who cannot stand any aliens.

However, all these suppositions and rumors are far from reality and cannot estimate real citizens of Colombia. They are proud and courageous people who honor God and their history. And, of course, every Colombian woman is unique. 

The country is radically Catholic. You can meet Colombian singles who are still virgins in their thirties. They live according to the religious rules: they do not like a close relationship without proposals and marriages. Colombian people celebrate all religious holidays in a festive way. The advice of a local priest is valued in Colombian society. At the same time, Colombian women are tolerant. Your local traditions and customs will be accepted. They will not try to convince you to switch religion or visit church every Sunday.

colombian brides

Let’s talk about the magnetic appearance of Colombian beauties. Mostly, they are tall and slim. You will meet some short full-bodied Colombian girls if you visit a country. However, they will amaze you as well. Colombian women have got faces with proper features and big eyes. Their noses are straight, cheeks are round, and lips are prominent. Colombian girls can be proud of their thick hair. By nature, it is almost black, but many Colombian women dye it and turn into redheads or blonds. Most of all, Colombian women try to have big breasts, thin waists, and long legs. 

To preserve their figures and make them more attractive, many Colombian women visit gyms and follow different diets. In general, Colombian cuisine promotes living a healthy life: it is full of vegetables and proteins. 

An average Colombian girl will not use many cosmetics. She can highlight her eyes and make-up her lips, but she will place emphasis on her haircut and clothes. In Colombia, women are obsessed with extravagant haircuts. They are divided according to the age of a woman, and each girl has got dozens of variants to choose from. 

Colombian women manage to pick clothes that are simple and attractive at the same time. For an everyday outfit, a Colombian woman chooses a colorful t-shirt, light trousers, and a pair of shoes with average heels. For an occasion, she will not deny a cocktail dress or a revealing blouse. Dating a Colombian woman is a matter of man’s pride: everybody will stare at his girlfriend and get jealous. 

Some words about jealousy: Colombian wives are among the most jealous in the world. Many scandals and divorces happen because of this feeling. A Colombian wife will divorce her husband and sue his pants off. 

colombian brides

Colombian women are very passionate, emotive, and communicative. They like talking with their friends. Colombian women got used to visiting each other for a cup of coffee and a long chat. A genuine Colombian woman is curious. She would like to know everything about everyone. In a company, she will be the first one who knows every gossip. At the same time, Colombians are very optimistic, despite the cruel life and long periods of military aggressions that took place in Colombia. Colombian women seize the day when it comes to love, work, hobbies, Colombian dating, and other duties. 

What Are Colombian Brides Like

Colombian brides might not be as simple as other girls. However, it does not stop a lot of men around the world wishing to marry them. Colombian girls wait for the wedding and marriage eagerly. For them, they are signs of adult life. They leave their parents and start making decisions. A Colombian girl starts her preparations beforehand. The tradition implies a rich marriage portion for the husband’s family. A girl should make many accessories by herself. 

Colombians create big and friendly families. They give birth to many children. A Colombian mother is a combination of care, protection, and a reasonable attitude. She will stick up for her children, but will never control them too much. The first thing she teaches them is independence in everything. In return, she will demand obedience and respect. Colombians got used to supporting their children. When a girl leaves her parents, she is considered a part of the husband’s family, so he has to support her. 

In a Colombian family, an older man is an undoubtful leader. His wife is his companion and adviser. However, no decisions will be made without his opinion. 

At the same time, Colombian women feel free. They know the meaning of the word “divorce.” They will demand free time and equal rights. A Colombian woman is not likely to do all the domestic duties. She will accept them, but if the situation allows, she will hire a housemaid. Dating a Colombian girl should end with a proposal. Colombian woman prefers not to date a careless man. They demand reasonable incomes, strength, and a lovely appearance. Colombian women use the Internet to get acquainted so that you can meet many Colombian mail order brides.


Where You Can Meet Single Colombian Ladies?

Colombian dating sites are a good alternative for live dates. Colombian women are very communicative and open. They will write to you first if they like you. Do not be confused if a Colombian woman says she loves you. Probably, she does not give this word as definite meaning as other people do. When a Colombian lady loves, she proves her feelings, both with words and actions. Continue reading to learn how to find the best Colombian dating sites.

How to Find a Reliable Colombian Dating Website?

Picking a trustworthy service is essential if you want to find a Colombian wife easily. Unfortunately, many websites are full of scams and are not safe for you. 

A good website should combine functionality, security, and modern design solutions. It should be light and not annoying for you. On a website, you must be able to find many Colombian mail order wives, so check if the search filter lets you pick Colombia as a state of origin. 

Dating a Colombian girl implies many presents and flowers. A good site will have the option of sending her different gifts. 

colombian brides

A serious company is ready to assist you in making the next step. It must provide you with sufficient assistance when you visit Colombia and arrange the date with your woman. 

Finally, a good site is always ready to solve the issues. Check how its support department works: if it is swift and professional. 


5 Tips on Dating a Colombian Girl

Colombian women dating is not a complicated process. They can be picky but very tolerant. If you have got a basis for future family life, you will get your attention. Like any other girl, Colombian women love presents. They must not always be expensive but made with love and imagination. Here are some possible gifts for your Colombian bride:

  •  Colombian women, as other Latin women, love jewelry. They value golden rings and chains. They would appreciate big earrings. However, we strongly recommend asking your girlfriend a piece of advice before making a gift. The best variant is taking her to the jewelry shop and letting her pick everything that she wants.
  • Colombian women love colorful clothes. They have a good sense of taste. The situation here is similar to jewelry. Give your spouse a credit card and leave her in outlet for a couple of hours to make her happy.
  • Arrange a trip to an exotic country. Colombia cannot be considered a wealthy country, unfortunately. Most girls there have never been abroad. Invite your Colombian ladies for marriage to a marvelous place with pleasant scenery and much entertainment.
  • Colombians are very artistic people. They love painting. It would be an excellent move to make something on your own. It must not be a masterpiece. However, if she sees you have wasted time and effort to make even a silly article, she will love you.

It is not difficult to make a fantastic present for a Colombian woman. They know how to value men who care about them.


Dreaming about a Colombian wife is natural. These gorgeous women know how to make you happy. Colombian women are lovely wives, responsible mothers, and passionate lovers. Do not waste your chance. Find a good website to date and marry Colombian brides.