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Bulgarian Women: Why They Make Perfect Partners To All Kinds Of Men


With Bulgarian women, you can experience love, affection, and loyalty the way you never did before. Bulgarian mail order brides are prepared to do everything it takes to make their partner happy and they truly appreciate everything you are doing for them. Your relationship with a Bulgarian girl will be satisfying, but it will also be easy, as these women are unpretentious, easy-going, and humble. They are also perfect for starting a family with and they make amazing mothers. All in all, you can never go wrong with a Bulgarian woman no matter what kind of relationship you want.

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Bulgaria is a small Balkan country in Southeast Europe. It’s rarely mentioned in travel guides to Europe and it doesn’t often get on the news, which is why an average American man usually knows little to nothing about Bulgaria. However, Bulgaria is a country that definitely deserves your attention.

Its sunny beaches and fascinating architecture are worth exploring for any tourist, but there is at least one other reason to pay close attention to Bulgaria. It’s a country with some of the prettiest and most lovable women in the region. Here is our in-depth guide to beautiful Bulgarian women and what it’s like to date or marry them as a foreign man.

Who Are Bulgarian Women?

There are thousands of Western men who have already found their Bulgarian women for marriage, but there are even more guys who are fascinated by Bulgarian brides but have never met any of them in person. So they may be drawn to the beauty of Bulgarian ladies and not know much about their personality or goals.

Bulgarian Brides

There are many things you need to know about the women of Bulgaria before dating any of them. For example, most of the girls you meet online will be unmarried and with no marriage or kids behind their belt, which means they are open to everything new. You should also know that Bulgarian mail order brides are very trusting and sometimes naive, so make sure not to take advantage of their open-minded nature.

Characteristics of Bulgarian Women

The women of Bulgaria are complex and multi-faceted. They don’t easily open up to new acquaintances, so you’ll need to spend some time with your Bulgarian mail order bride to see every aspect of her personality. Still, these five qualities of Bulgarian brides are especially attractive to men.

Outstanding beauty

Bulgarian girls are the embodiment of Bulgarian beauty and the perks of living in a sunny climate by the sea. These women have olive skin and black hair that is styled into adorable waves. Bulgarian girls are petite and very slim, but they also have beautiful subtle curves that make them look fabulous in any clothes. Women in Bulgaria follow a healthy diet and do a lot of physical activity, which is why their look doesn’t change much with years.

Intelligence and perceptiveness

A typical Bulgarian mail order bride is well-educated and naturally curious. She never misses an opportunity to learn something new or to talk to someone interesting. As a result, Bulgarian brides are some of the most fascinating conversation partners you’ve ever met. They always know the smartest reply to give and the best joke to make. Moreover, they are deeply perceptive and can quickly tell what kind of person they are dealing with.

Fun personality

Women in Bulgaria know how to have fun and they are ready to show you. These women often work hard, but they also know how to use the free time they have to recuperate and enjoy themselves. A Bulgarian bride has an active social life, several hobbies, she’s very passionate about, and a variety of interests that make her so intriguing. You will spend some of your most fun and memorable dates with a Bulgarian girl.

Bulgarian Women

Extreme loyalty

Bulgarian brides value the people around them and they know that a good partner is not that easy to find. When a woman from Bulgaria finds someone she cares about, being loyal to him becomes her ultimate life mission. A Bulgarian woman will never violate your trust or make you doubt her true intentions. She will always be by your side and will support and protect you through everything.

Desire to help others

One of the key personality traits of Bulgarian women is selflessness. These women love taking care of others. It goes without saying that they care about their family, but they also actively notice the people around them when they need help. When you are dating a Bulgarian girl or are married to her, you will experience her caring, selfless personality every day and you will only benefit from it.

How To Date A Bulgarian Woman

Even if you have marriage on your mind and want to tie the knot in the near future, dating a Bulgarian woman is a mandatory step of your journey. Bulgarian girls don’t take marriage lightly and they need to truly know the person before agreeing to marry him. Plus, dating Bulgarian women will allow you to notice the little sides of their personalities you’d never notice when first meeting them. Here are the 7 tips for being successful at dating a Bulgarian woman.

  1. Be a perfect gentleman from the start. You will quickly notice that Bulgarian brides are very modern on the outside but rather old-fashioned on the inside. For example, they would never ask a man out on their own and they certainly don’t want you to make risky jokes or be vulgar in any other way.
  2. Find your shared tastes and views. You and your Bulgarian woman have spent your lives in completely different countries, continents, and cultures. There are now more differences than similarities between you two, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. Talk about everything in the world and you will quickly discover a lot of shared points.
  3. Don’t rush the intimacy. Like most Balkan women, Bulgarian brides are physically affectionate and enjoy kissing, cuddling, and hugging. However, they prefer to wait until getting intimate with a partner because they want it to be truly special. If you get rejected once, don’t become desperate — it will happen eventually at the right time.
  4. Show your Bulgarian woman a good time. The women of Bulgaria are unpretentious and humble. They don’t need expensive restaurants or extravagant shopping sprees to enjoy a date with a man. However, they need your full attention, your desire to have fun, and your creativity when planning the dates.
  5. Take care of the financial aspect of dating. There are two main reasons why you shouldn’t expect your Bulgarian mail order bride to pay for her share of the check. First, many Bulgarian girls don’t make enough to visit fancy restaurants regularly. Second, it’s simply not acceptable in Bulgarian dating culture, where the man is always the one who pays.
  6. Get closer to her family and friends. Once you experience your Bulgarian woman’s vibrant personality and affectionate nature, you will want to spend 24/7 with her. At the same time, you should remember that family and friends are very important to them. Spend time with them and make a good impression on them, which will, in turn, impress your bride.
  7. Keep the relationship moving. A typical Bulgarian woman is ready to have a family and settle down earlier than most girls in the US and Western Europe Even when she’s in her early twenties, she doesn’t want to waste time on relationships that don’t mean anything. If you are happy with a Bulgarian woman and she feels the same way about you, consider proposing to her in around a year since the first date.
Bulgarian Women

Where To Meet Bulgarian Women

Bulgarian girls are undeniably attractive, but they are also not that easy to meet when you live several time zones away. For example, you are highly unlikely to meet any single Bulgarian women in your own city simply because they don’t often travel overseas. As a Western man looking for a Bulgarian girl for dating or marriage, you have three options:

  • Social media. Bulgarian girls are active on Instagram and other social media websites and you can get a pretty good idea about them from their breathtakingly beautiful photos in their profiles. However, not all Bulgarian women are looking for new partners and can therefore ignore your messages.
  • Trip to Bulgaria. There are many reasons to go to Bulgaria as a tourist, but meeting local girls is not one of them. Of course, there are thousands of hot and single women walking the streets of Bulgaria, but many of them may not be open to meeting foreign guys, let alone moving with them abroad forever.
  • Online dating. Online dating, or a mail order bride website, to be precise, is the most effective and affordable way to meet Bulgarian brides. The best mail order bride sites have numerous Bulgarian singles who are ready to marry a foreign man and live with him in his home country. So you will be able to communicate with girls who have the same goals and beliefs as you do, and eventually, meet your ideal bride.


Whether you just want to get to know the women of Bulgaria or you are already convinced that a Bulgarian mail order bride is exactly who you need to be happy, there is an easy way for you to meet them. When, despite the thousands of miles that lie between you, you can talk to Bulgarian girls in real time, there is no excuse for remaining single any longer. Gather your courage, find a legit mail order bride site that fits your needs and budget, and meet hot Bulgarian women from the comfort of your own living room.