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Guide for Those Who Dream About Falling in Love with Belarus Women


Belarus women look as charming and conventionally attractive as Russian brides, but their personalities could not be more different. Belarus brides are very confident and know what they want in life, and that’s exactly what makes them so great.

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Belarus is a state situated in Eastern Europe. It has been a part of the Soviet Union. The nations of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia have been mixing for a long time. However, it does not mean that you will not distinguish a Belarusian girl from other Slavic women. They have got some unique features of appearance and character. In this article, we will tell you everything a love seeker should know about Belarus women. You will learn how to meet, attract, and marry them.


belarus bride

Why are Belarus Mail Order Brides so Popular?

On the Internet, there are many dating sites specializing in women from the former USSR countries. Belarus women take a significant part there. Why are they so popular among Western men? 

  • First of all, men fall in love with Belarus women because of their positive character features. They are pleasant in communication. By nature, they are kind and show not as much pride and pathos as Russian girls do. 
  • Belarus brides are perfect for long-lasting families. They are not likely to divorce or start a scandal. They can love their men honestly and sincerely, without any cheating intentions and secrets. 
  • And, of course, Belarus girls are very beautiful in the majority of cases. 

The appearance of a typical Belarusian girl does not differ much from other Slavic women. The diversification of the appearance types is significant. Belarusian women can be both short and tall, slim, and corpulent. Some of them might have prominent feminine parts. Others might have tender figures. 


belarus bride

Like other Slavic girls, Belarusian women have got proper facial features. They can be proud of magnetic eyes, straight noses with little bumps, big and passionate lips, round cheeks, and elegant ears. As for the distinctions, Belarus women are blondes or have very light shades of brown hair. For comparison, in Ukraine or Russia, girls have dark hair in most cases.

Belarus women have very tender and white skin. They are not predisposed to get bronze shades after sunbathing. As for the outfits, Belarus women do not differ from others. Modern girls love fashion outlets. They can wear different types of clothes and make fabulous combinations. During winters, Belarus women prefer wearing fur. 

There is no particular character stereotype about Belarus women as well. Though the population of the state is not big (about six million), tempers and characters of Belarus girls are different. In most cases, they are kind and calm. Some of them are very energetic and optimistic. Most of the Belarusian girls are friendly and communicative when it comes to chatting on the Internet. Their curiosity does not let them leave the conversation without knowing everything about their addressee. The well-known Soviet education has not disappeared without any consequences: English is still a major foreign language to be taught in schools and universities. Many Belarusian women can write very well and speak without an accent. 

We cannot say that the popularity of Belarusian online brides is extraordinary. They are similar to Ukrainians and Russians and might lose their uniqueness on such a background. However, from year to year, new couples consisting of Western men and Belarusian women appear. People find something in these women and would like to marry them. 


What are Belarus Brides Like 

You have probably heard about the advantages of the Slavic wives. Indeed, compared to women from other states, girls from Belarus, Ukraine, or Russia show extraordinary abilities when it comes to marriage and housekeeping. Belarus women are the essence of these advantages. 

They can accept all kinds of domestic duties, no matter if you live in an apartment or in a big ranch. A Belarus wife will always watch if there is no dust on the shelves, the dishes are clean and shiny, the dinner is waiting in the oven, and the dog is fed. 

Every Slavic girl can do miracles in the kitchen. A Belarus girl is not an exception. She can cook a meal consisting of three courses and call it an average evening. She knows how to turn the simplest products into sophisticated dishes. She knows a lot of fabulous recipes and she is fond of cooking. Belarus cuisine, in particular, includes many dishes made from potatoes, meat, and pastry. Life in the Soviet Union was cruel, so each Belarus woman has got an instinct of storing products for a rainy day. Every housekeeper in the state knows how to make jams and pickled vegetables. 

Belarus women are good mothers. They are not likely to give birth to many children. Three equals “a lot of” in Belarus. A Belarus mother will breed her children with care and kindness. She will teach them everything and help them when they go to school. Family values are honored in the state. Close relatives gather for the New Year or Birthday celebration. Weddings and some religious holidays summon all relatives and families. 

And, of course, Belarusian brides are the best wives. They can surround their men with maximal care. A Belarus woman will always watch her husband have a clean shirt and a gathered lunch when he goes to work. She is not likely to divorce. A Belarusian woman can stand all the bad times happening to a couple to preserve marriage. 

At the same time, a Belarus woman can get tired at home. She might require finding a job to meet new friends and kill time. Even in this situation, the pleasant atmosphere inside her house and the happiness of her family are the most important. 

Where you Can Meet Single Belarus Ladies?

You can visit Belarus. It is a beautiful country with fabulous people and nature. In its capital, Minsk, you will find many examples of Soviet architecture and meet many single Belarusian women walking nearby. As for the other countries, many Belarus women live in neighboring countries: Latvia, Russia, Ukraine. 

The most convenient and less time-consuming variant is meeting a Belarusian mail order bride. There are many Belarus dating sites that have a lot of single ladies looking for foreign husbands. 

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How to Find a Reliable Belarus Dating Website? 

A reliable Belarus dating service must meet several requirements concerning its contents and security. 

It must validate its users. A user is considered valid when he or she has shown an ID or other documents that prove the personality. 


You must be able to have the full communication options with your Belarus brides. We mean that you have to check the communication ways, if the site discloses the personal information about your addresses when you are ready to meet her, and if the dating service helps to arrange a real date in Belarus.

It must be secure. On the website, try to find the following: terms and conditions page, regulations concerning online communication, rules, price list, and the information about e-wallets and payment systems. These are the main indicators of your protection online. 

With a good dating service, finding Belarus mail order brides is easy and pleasant. 

4 Tips on Dating a Belarus Girl 

For a foreigner, it will be not difficult to attract a Belarus woman. Many girls dream about marrying an international husband and leaving Belarus. However, you should still be aware of some pitfalls. Here are some tips for a beginner:

  1. Belarus women got used to traditional procedures. They need several dates to define if they like a person. The dates should be different and include some romantic activities: going to movies to watch a romantic comedy, dinner in a restaurant, and walking in an idyllic location. 
  2. Belarus women are a bit conservative. They still expect their men to give them a hand or open a door of a car for them. The situation changes now. However, traditions do not disappear. So, you need to be gentle and caring.
  3. A woman from Belarus dreams about a family. Show her that it would be pleasant to create it with you. Tell her if you would like to have children. She must be particular about your serious intentions.
  4. Like any other Slavic girl, a Belarusian woman wants to see if you can spend a lot of money on her. Do not hesitate to make valuable gifts and order the best services. 

With these instructions, it would be easier for you to make Belarusian women love you.


Belarus women have everything you are seeking in a perfect wife. They are kind, loving, calm, and friendly. They are excellent companions, no matter what you do and how you live. Belarus women are perfect housekeepers with many skills that will amaze you. They are beautiful and attractive. They are easy to date and communicate with online. Why do you still hesitate? Pick a way to meet your Belarus bride and try your luck.