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Dating Armenian Women: Realities and Challenges


Armenian brides have that highly recognizable and gorgeous appearance that is full of contrasts. However, you will discover even more contrast in the personality of an Armenian woman, and that’s what makes them such attractive brides.

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Armenia is a picturesque country in the south of the Caucasus with magnificent landscapes. But the most significant thing here is the beauty of local girls. Armenian girls are different, both in appearance and character. If you have ever had to communicate with Armenian women during your life, you have noticed a huge difference between them, particularly in behavior, manners, and appearance.

armenian women

Why are Armenian Mail Order Brides so Popular? 

According to the public survey conducted in the United States in recent years, Americans consider Armenian girls to be the hottest in the world. And this is not a random choice. Most Armenian women are naturally gifted with tempting shapes and figures. Besides, they are carefully watching themselves, continually taking care of their thick hair and delicate skin.


The appearance of Armenian women is quite diverse. However, any nationality has unique features that make it different from the others. The Armenian face sideways is what you pay attention to when you first see them. 

One of the most highlighted features of Armenian girls is their big crooked noses. However, it is impossible to consider the Armenian nose as a shortcoming. This is what makes them different from other nations. Besides, there are many nice women with a nose that emphasizes their peculiar appearance and character. 

A small hump makes eastern beauties even more unique. If the nose is too prominent and visually spoils the pretty face, its shape and length can be changed with the help of rhinoplasty. It is trendy among Armenian women nowadays.

armenian women

The Armenian girls differ not only by their prominent nose, but also by their dark skin, and deep dark eyes. They have a distinctive shape of lips and black eyebrows, which can meet on the nose bridge. The appearance of Armenian ladies is very bright and unforgettable. 


Armenian women are raised differently. Big Armenian communities live in large cities, which plays an essential role in the personal formation. No doubt, the culture, family values, and traditions influence the character of Armenian women a lot. The main qualities of a typical Armenian girl are excessive emotionality, eccentricity, and passion.

However, a lot of young Armenian ladies are stiff and shy, which is also due to the conservative views of their families.

Despite the respect for the older generation and men, many Armenian women are able to defend themselves and will not let their feelings be offended. These girls are nice and kind for as long as someone does not make them angry. So they can become naughty and stubborn. 

Perfect wives

Armenian women are hardworking. They keep their homes clean and tidy. Besides, they are an ideal hostess. If you come to visit the typical Armenian family, you will see a pleased and happy husband there. An Armenian woman always considers her husband to be the smartest man in the world. A special place in the life of an Armenian woman belongs to her child. She would do anything for her family. 

armenian women

What are Armenian Brides Like?

Local women prepare themselves with exceptional care for all celebrations. Armenian girls follow fashion and do not leave their homes without the right makeup. Those who are not satisfied with natural beauty go for help to plastic surgeons. 

In modern Armenia, the man demands the virginity from the bride at any age. He will not make a single step without consulting his wife, and especially his mother. There is a mixture of the most patriarchal morals and home matriarchy.

Women’s rights are protected quite strongly in Armenia. This country is famous for its liberal laws. The question is whether those are implemented in practice. 

Armenian brides have been keeping their family traditions for centuries. It is believed that happiness and prosperity will always rule if Armenian customs are carefully followed in the family. 

The church ceremony is especially vital in Armenia. There are also a lot of traditions involved in this process. For instance, one of the groom’s friends should hold a crossed sword and sheath above the bride and groom’s head. It is believed that metal will protect the couple from evil spirits.

Where can you meet single Armenian ladies?

If you consider meeting an Armenian wife, you make a fantastic choice. Such a woman will not only be a perfect hostess but a lovely mother of your children. 

Whenever you decide to meet Armenian woman, there is only one issue: what places are on top?

Of course, nowadays, nightclubs, cafes, and parks are less common than online resources. So if you have a desire to meet Armenian mail order brides online, then check the rating of the local dating platforms. Members of online dating services often register there with the only purpose: serious relationships and marriage. So if you’re looking for a reliable woman, today’s digital world has a lot to offer. 

How to find a Reliable Armenian Dating Website? 

It is not a secret that dating online is becoming the most common way to get to know new people and meet your beloved one. In the modern world, with the rapid growth of mobile technologies, people would rather communicate on the Internet than in cafes or parks.

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No wonder many people are looking for a reliable dating website. So what are the main steps to follow while choosing the perfect Armenian dating website?

Do a research

Before registering on any dating platform, search for the feedback and reviews online. Rely on the experience of other members in your decision-making. Then conclude with a list of the best dating services.

Proper registration

Create a new email that is intended only for dating websites. If someone manages to hack it, your info will be safe. 

armenian women

Do not use fake names. In the case of a serious relationship, this fact will not play in your favor. Do not be in a hurry to post all the photos and fill in the full profile information. Evaluate the workflow and members’ behavior in the platform. 

Choose your match carefully 

Be careful when choosing your connections on the dating website. Do not add all users to your favorites. Don’t try to use all features at once. Check the functionality and interface of a website first. 

Ignore pop-ups and ads

Spam is usually a permanent network satellite. It can contain viruses and breakthrough programs that are designed to break into accounts, steal passwords, etc. Do not open ads or links sent by users unless you are sure they are safe.

Customer support

Before seeking your matches, check if there is customer support available. Make sure you can get assistance with financial, security, or other issues you may have. Ensure you have protection on the dating portal.

Five Tips on Dating an Armenian Girl

Armenian girls are faithful friends, good hostesses, and beautiful wives. Take into account the following factors before dating an Armenian woman for marriage.

Stay brave

bravery is appreciated by girls of all nationalities, mainly Armenian. However, be careful. If you are committed to a serious relationship, do not confuse bravery with impudence.

Be romantic

Although we live in a digital world full of pragmatism, the romance was not canceled. 

Chocolates or flowers will make up for your date. That doesn’t indicate a girl’s mercantilism at all. It’s a sign of gallantry from a man who refers to a serious relationship. After all, the attention to an Armenian lady shows a man’s strength, so she feels protected and safe.

Forget about fancy style

A car, expensive phone, branded clothes, or accessories are not reasons to “show off” to an Armenian woman. She will more likely pay attention to the level of your intelligence. So don’t try to brag on your first date. It’s risky. This way, you could lose an Armenian girl forever.

Get to know her father and brother

If you decided to get in touch with a girl from an Armenian family, then find out who her father and brother are! A lot depends on their opinion. You may have to talk to the man in the family first, and then get permission to go out with the girl you like.

The conservative views of some dads and brothers are not backward. They are just worried about their daughter or sister, thus trying to protect her.


Keep in mind that you are likely to face some traditions if you have decided to go on a date with an Armenian woman. If your lady is very young, she may have to return home no later than 9 pm.


Armenian women are very popular nowadays. It is worth saying that they are very educated and intelligent. That is why many girls have achieved unrealistic heights in medicine, science, fashion, and culture there.