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For millions of men around the world, the ultimate life goal is to find a bride, a wife who will make every day better and surround you with all the care and affection she has. A beautiful family where everyone loves another is one of the best things that can happen to a man in life.

Unfortunately, looking for a bride is becoming harder and harder. Despite the fact that a lot of communication these days happens online, it’s not easy to compete with other guys for the attention of the most eligible bachelorettes. Plus, you may have already been burned by dating local women and now want to explore other options.

Lately, one of the most popular ways to find a life partner online has been a mail order bride website. These sites offer you a chance to find a bride from another part of the world without actually going anywhere. And once you meet the woman you want to make your wife, you can finally arrange a meeting and take the step towards a happy marriage.

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Finding a mail order bride online has at least three serious advantages over dating local girls:

  • It’s much more time and cost-effective. You can do the search from your own home, and while you will have to spend some money on the site membership and gifts, it is still much more affordable than regularly taking your girlfriend out for dates, arranging expensive vacations, and paying for her necessities.
  • Mail order brides have outstanding morals and traditional family views. They are not as spoiled as Western women, they appreciate you for who you are, not what you have, and they are much easier to please.
  • Women signing up for mail order bride websites have marriage and family on their minds. If you are also looking for a woman you can marry and create a happy family, you can easily find a woman who shares your values and goals.

We founded our site, Mail Order Brides, to guide you through the process of finding, charming, and marrying the woman of your dreams. We analyze different mail order bride services, introduce you to various types of mail order brides, and tell you how to maximize your chances of finding your perfect wife.

What makes mail order brides so popular?

We have spent the past few years researching mail-order bride and we did not waste a single second of those years. We have found out that there are many reliable and trustworthy online dating sites, but there are also plenty of mail order services that don’t have your best interests in mind. That is exactly why our site has gotten so popular recently. The number of guys looking for a loving and gorgeous mail order wife continues to grow, and those guys don’t want to end up disappointed with their experience. To bring only the most trusted mail order bride sites to our readers, we evaluate every service using the following criteria.

1. Legal/scam

Perhaps, the most important parameter of any mail order bride website is whether it actually offers genuine dating services or only wants to scam its unsuspecting members. It’s not always easy to tell whether the dating site is fully legal or involved in a scam, but we always go the extra mile to confirm whether the site and its women are real.

2. Variety of women

There are thousands of men looking for love online, and they all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to women. Variety is the spice of life, and it’s essential for a mail order bride site to offer a diverse selection of women. Different age groups, appearance types, occupations, dating views, and goals are what we want to see on the top dating sites.

3. Design

The best mail order wife websites always care about the comfort of their users and constantly work on upgrading their design. When we visit a mail order site and notice it has an outdated design with poor usability, lots of bugs, and slowly loading pages, it’s a telling sign that this particular service doesn’t consider user satisfaction to be their top priority.

4. Prices

You probably won’t be surprised to find out that the most effective mail order bride sites with thousands of stunning women offer their services on a paid basis, but the range of prices can differ greatly from one site to another. As a dating site user, you always want to know that you are paying fair prices and you get exactly what you are paying for, and that’s what we always research.

5. Safety

Looking for a mail order wife online is not always the safest experience: sometimes, there is a risk of your data getting into the wrong hands or you communicating with fake users thinking they are actually single women looking for marriage. We want you to have a safe time searching for your wife online and will always tell you about the potential security threats.

6. Customer support

If you’re a first-time mail order bride site user, you definitely want to know there is someone who can answer your questions and provide you with the help you need. That is exactly what customer support is for. If it’s always available to the members and is ready to give you a helping hand, this is a big reason to trust the site.

How to get a mail order bride?

In an ideal world, finding mail order wives would be as easy as ABC. However, the reality is different, and if you want to spend the rest of your life with a gorgeous foreign bride who loves you more than anyone in the world, you will need to complete several important steps. Here are the four steps you typically need to take when you want to get married to a mail order bride.

  1. Find a mail order bride site that fits your expectations. It should have a modern interface, a variety of women for every taste, and a proven success record of connecting lonely hearts.
  2. Browse the women and select one or more. Using the matching algorithms, search, and filters, select the women who have all the appearance and personality qualities you are looking for. There is nothing stopping you from talking to several women at once until you settle on just one who is perfect for you.
  3. Build a relationship with the woman. When you finally know who you want to make your wife, you will need to spend weeks or even months talking to her online, making sure she is the one for you and confirming that she is also interested in you.
  4. Meet in person and move forward with the relationship. When you are both adults who know what they want, there is no point in dragging things out. If you are convinced you have found the love of your life and she feels the same way, arrange a meeting, preferably in her home country, to get to know her better, meet her family, and take the most important step — arrange the proposal.



Are mail order brides real?

Yes, mail order brides are absolutely real. There are millions of women around the world who are determined to find a foreign husband. There can be different reasons why they want to do it. Some of them want to escape the poverty of their home countries. Others are not happy with the way they are treated by local men. Many foreign brides simply find Western men attractive and genuinely want to get married to one of them. What unites those women is that they decide to become mail order brides. Today, when the internet is more widely available than ever, it’s not a problem. These women create their own accounts and begin their search. As long as you are using a reliable mail order bride website to find your future wife, you can rest assured all women there are real.

How can I protect myself from scammers?

Although most men will have no problems with safety while looking for a foreign mail order wife, there is always a possibility that you will encounter a scammer who will attempt to steal your money, private data, or simply waste your time. The most reputable mail order bride sites always invest a lot of time and effort into protecting their members from the activity of scammers. Moreover, we analyze every dating site to see whether it ensures genuine protection for their members. However, there is still a chance that one sophisticated scammer will get through the protection and will try to take advantage of you. The good news is that it’s often possible even for a regular user to identify a scammer and take appropriate measures such as seize all communication and report the suspicious member to the site’s customer support.

Can I buy a mail order bride?

The important thing to remember here is that “mail order bride” is nothing more than an outdated expression and today you cannot legally buy a bride online. In fact, buying a wife online is illegal both for the buyer and the seller, and both of them can face legal consequences of this transaction. When you see an offer to buy a bride, it likely refers to the process of selecting a woman from the database of female members and entering a relationship with a prospect of marriage. You can maximize your chances by paying the site for matchmaking services, but you cannot buy a wife on the internet.

Do mail order bride services guarantee that I find a wife?

No, as much as we would like to see that happen, no one can guarantee you will meet the love of your life on a mail order bride site. These websites provide you with a database of young, beautiful, and single women, as well as convenient communication opportunities. The rest depends on your luck and your strategy.

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